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Валентин Иванов

Что купить? Мейзу 16 th или Хуавей мате 20?

Phvan S

That back panel with that gradient look looks soo beautiful..............this phone was launched in India but is too overpriced............. awesome video........!!!!


I would totally grab this phone if they would have put in a Micro SD Card slot and if it would run on OxygenOS...
Also, superior video! I really love your reviews. 🙂


I love the design of Meizu. However, after using Flyme 7 on both Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu 15 Plus I feel that the software optimization is lacking. Xiaomi has a buttery smooth UI (MIUI 10) even on their midrange phones and on their older phones, thats not the case with Meizu. With that said, I am still tempted to buy a white Meizu 16 Plus for the awesome design.

Art Dog

Will definitely be paying more attention to the Meizu brand in the future since they now appear to have US bands. A headphone jack is a definite bonus too.

Mustafa Fidan

Hi.I'm live in Turkey.I want to buy smartphone. So I have a question.Mi 8 or Meizu 16th.Which do you think prefer? And why? Or why not?

Parker Z

Subscribed and liked! Can you please review the Meizu M6s too? I know it's too late but there is really little English review for it.

Josip Kokot

I need to receive one Meizu 16. How to do that? 😊

Play Store

It's very very very beautiful smartphone. 😘


They just launched it in Indonesia like 2-3 months ago but the product never in stock lols

wilson ndebay

I prefer the plus and that is what I ordered

Валентин Иванов

Они что цвет копируют у друг друга? У Хуавей такой же цвет

vian Rii

Using mi 8 ee edition,


16th plus.

16th is good for price, 16th plus is overall beast in android market

Nice review. I've always been a long time meizu fan and still think flyme is one of the best looking implementation of android out there. My problem with meizu is that they don't seem to be willing to go the extra yard to really compete with the major players. They have the expertise and design skill but they just seem reluctant to implement what is needed to compete. No EIS or night mode on the cameras when you are trying to compete with huawei, oneplus and Mi etc is just baffling to me. And the most annoying thing about them… Read more »

Ты прав хорошее и быстрое устройство

Jack AFC

Ah I want it but I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 makes no scence right?

Daniel Petera

Pls tell me where U can Off-screen except on power button. I cant find softwer Off screen

Meizu has a major fuck up. Bought the MX4 Pro and in late 2017 the P7P. Hardware-wise, I wasn't disappointed. Meizu put in great hardware. Their Achilles is major software updates. While Xiaomi is pushing latest Android to their users, Meizu just doesn't give a fuck. Even their forum looks like shit with unreadable font. How can you fuck up something so simple. For this reason, I'm done with Meizu.PS,One issue that is also reoccurring with them, is their band support. For whatever reason, each time I'm abroad with a foreign sim, I can hardly receipt good 3G/4G connection. It's… Read more »
Enrique Escobar

Hello, thanks for the review. How's your experience two months after this review? Do you still recommend or anything to complaint about? Kepp it up, Martijn 😉

Joe Grizz

I was sold on the phone until I heard no image stabilizer and the mic sound kinda of bad. Other than that everything is great 👍🏼

Kanan Adilzade

How can I enable performanve mode, can you clarify?