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GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

Clearly the Android 9 gesture navigation bar is why the OnePlus 7 pro lost.

I'm joking.

Kanoeing Kanak

The Meizu 16s has a resolution of 1080×2232 (2.410.560 pixel total) and the OP7 Pro 1440×3120 (4.492.800 total pixels). Why is the GPU time on both phone about the same? Should not the OP7 Pro be about half as quick?

Mauri QHD

can we get some 720p tests? like the champ vs others, etc
(s10+ 5g)

Mauri QHD

i will also like the site to show, and maybe in videos too, a scoreboard with graphs etc, showing the fastest ones

Keith Mahoney

any chance of getting some moto z phones on here? z, z2, z3, play and no play models. i know tops is sd 835 but would still be interesting...

Akash Topder

It seems like SQL performance and the screen resolution dictates which phone gonna be faster here.

Allen ONiel

roadrunner vs coyote next speed test please

Avneesh Singh Tomar

Meizu... Nailed it to the coffin 😂😂


Thank you professor... how about a future match between OP7 and Sony Xperia1? this could be quite a good one for sure 😎

Himanshu Ramani

Summing the times of 1+7 pro, it is 26.1+39.8+34.1=1:40.0 and not 1:40.1

red1 arabian

Why did you not change the resolution on the OnePlus 7 to full HD or you cannot I don't know

Pratyush Chakraborty

Do Asus Zenfone 6 (SD855) vs OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10

Dead•Kyojin MLBB

Realme 3 Pro vs Lenovo Z6 Youth/Lite

your average introvert

lmao you sound like those guys doing the voiceover during a boxing match 😂 not a bad thing tho


People fall for few seconds faster devices but in reality they both feel the same in performance and nothing will be missed due to time loss or gain...