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The Consumers Review

Ordered this phone to replace my old one, it’s a very good phone for that price. It seemingly hits all of my needs and more! Excellent rugged phone, like that its water resistant and not too bulky. Ideal for fishing and other outdoor sports. The screen pops in colors, it functions smoothly, it takes fantastic pictures, it charges fast and keeps a good charge all day! Face recognition and Fingerprint sensor is working promptly. Happy with my new phone.

Sumit Ram

Frankly, I am not impressed. Features are not so good. BTW Dope review as usual! ✌️

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patrick cadette

😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻... actually interesting in get a rugged phone...not this one...


You do the very best reviews! I hope you make a living from it as I buy good goods from your reviews🤓

Russ B

Good price for a cheap rugged phone you could use on a mountain bike with the right outdoor apps such as BLEvo 🙂

prashanth amanchi

Other than RAM , processor and cameras... All other specs are good. I love rugged smartphones.Superb video great review bro

Vishal Giri

Great value for the price specially the fact that it is water resistant and rugged as well, great video bro!!

Ishvar Vlogs

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Awesome phone dear thanks for sharing

Shaina Amiirah

Great phone & amazing review...💯👍

Chigz Tech Reviews

DOOGEE S40 Rugged Smartphone — Gorilla Glass — IP68
✅ Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2WpISVK
✅ Banggood: http://bit.ly/32G1vJo

david hopper

Would do me the s40 . Dont do games etc . Knackered 2 phones in less than 6 month . Been looking for a ruggered smartphone think you hit the button with this one . Great review cheers .

Yurui Qin

Can you please do a review on the nine cube action camera 4K ultra HD?


Bearing in mind the price, it's not that bad!