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I remember when big manufacturers were doing this. I don't know why they stopped. I bought my daughter the epic 4g (the original Samsung galaxy on sprint. I had a tmobile g1 and a g1. I actually really liked the keyboards on these phones and might sport one today if Samsung or HTC would make one again.

Khaled Badawi

I dont remember what was the last time I used a laptop. Mobile phones do everything now a days. I mean if you use a mouse with this phone you could probably do everyday work.

Random User Name 92840531

hinge is disappointing. Screen should be able to usable while keyboard is closed.

Axolotl Rose

Hey can I have the link for where you got it plz and TYYYSMMM

Joshua John

I heard Gemini orgy and I thought that would suck

Ryan Fisher

So it’s an Android with a chrome book feel?


If this had a premium phone camera I'd buy it in an instant.

Alejandro Sudiro

The let down is the small screen ratio plus it is not centered.

So who is this for? Those who miss nokia communicator.

Masego Lephodisa

Lew do an unboxing and review on the cosmo communicator


I got the GPD Pocket 2, the battery lasts much less then Android phones, has no camera, GPS or SIM card slot. It’s also maybe heavier than what a 7” Android phone with keyboard would be.

On the other hand runs all Windows applications and has more processing power, probably with better graphics too.

Gilbert Rodegeb

Can you text while holding it? Or does it have to be flat down on a table ???

Your life depends on my mood

i have a soft spot for these kinds of gadgets, right into childhood.

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I want it. How much does it cost on amazon? EDIT: Can you use a mouse on it?

Dwaipayan Datta Roy

Needed for writing rap , songs , arrange music and work , how would the deal be for it , its ram , rom and harddisk

malphas phenex

thats a really really super cool lil unit.luvin it

thanh pham

This thing looks pretty smart but it's creators are not smart. The reason is it's small in size and instead of making use of the full area of the lid as a screen (bezel less), they make the screen smaller. it's a stupid idea otherwise, I would not hesitate to buy it for 1600USDs

BrickZ MrickZ

If you are going to throw this away, could you please send it to me 😀

wesley lewis

that is smaller then the gpd pocket laptops