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Absolutely Splendid Device...No Notch Monstrosity Practically Bezeless Huge Display And Still Fit A Front Camera At The Top... Marvelous... However Personally Don't Mind The Pop Up Camera Concept...It's Rather Clever I Find...

Mini tomate

Me: Meizu what do you bring with the 16S?
Meizu: A neat experience at a very good price.
Me: And how about updates?
Meizu: No
Me: What!?

Samir Noor

This is the company that blackberry should of made deals with, they can build a beautiful phone but need help on software and security.

Matthew Lemmers

I just don't understand why people are so obsessed with having phones that don't have bezels. Never once did I think it felt necessary for a phone to be entirely screen.

Samurai Ninja

Does anyone know any open source Wi-Fi data savers that you can get ( on Fdroid)
similar to datally


Meizu = no updates software with global version

Carl Viernes

This design is perfectly acceptable. If a Galaxy Note came with a design similar to this it would be beautiful. Maybe remove the curved edges and the rounded screen corners though.


Yeah right... Drop the 3,5mm to get about 20-30mAh more battery seems lile a good reason😂 I hate when the use lame arguments like that... I'll rather have the 3,5mm than just a few minutes extra battery life.

Ron Estrella

Im seeing the LG V30 here, well if LG will learn from this design aspect plus the DAC, 3.5mm jack and dual (or maybe triple) camera.

Puneet Singh

Wireless charging is so inefficient so please don't ask for it.

Kalvin One

I stopped watching as soon as you said : no water resistance...

Faiz Xፀ

i am using meizu m1 note from 2015, and i received updates till late 2018. i don't know who told this guy meizu won't send updates 😅

Johnny Fire

meizu sucks they dont care about customers the software is full of unfixed bugs... so meizu prepare your death

Anmol Jyoti

Better front look without notch or roller mechanism

AGR- Android game review pro gamer

this is super beautiful phone

Shaik Anees

Design almost copied from Samsung Galaxy S8.