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Jill Talks Music! [she/her]

My T-Mobile sim card won't fit no matter how hard I try.


Nokia it has become JUST RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nokia 2 . LOL 🙂 Wasted money!!!


How do I get a SD card for this? I'm a American.

Vikalp Bharti

sir ,how to remove second sim from nokia 2

Syahrul Ramadani

how to remove sim card 2 in this phone?

Elbert OX

lol why nokia 2 battery cannot remove... in old nokia battery is replacement...

tht is so sad...

lorraine peluso

What is the purpose of having two sim card slots 🤔

Master Manjunath

The memory card is not being recognized by the mobile, though I've put properly ... plz help buddy

Ziyavutdin Magomedov

У меня такой огонь вода и медные трубы прошел побитый весь и пленку три раза менял