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suvam pal

I like Nokia smartphone for coming with Android one. ♥️

Imperial BR ツ

Sds desse celular vendido no Brasil um dia nokia ira valtar a vender aqui ❤

ಹರ್ಷಿತ್ ಗೌಡ


Thunder Bolt

Nokia, I'm telling you, these network careers will mess with pricing system just like they did with lumias and it will cause total loss of brand image. Leave them and open your stores and sell there. Learn from past experiences. Making available through at&t or t mobile will make nokia look like cheap irrelevant brand. Never put carrier brand logo on NOKIA Phones.

Chromium Toaster

Hate to say this but, the naming and looks are extremely close to how Google have done their Pixel 3a.

Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma

Nokia, you made it back to life.
Non of my family have slept with Samsung yet.
I think they're all waiting for you.
Then if you look at the flow on youtube and facebook.
People are barely using their Android Smart Phones to the limit.
The Data Charges aren't unlimited yet.
So you're not late, you made it, i'm the one who's been going to make this/that late.

Bhagz O'really

Forward Nokia. Hope that you may dominates smartphone market once more...

Carlos C

I am using the Nokia 3.1A. It works Fantastic! Thank you Nokia!

Anuj Oriya

NOKIA 3 mere pas hai our Nokia Lumia 820 Bhi hai

thunder #

I have Nokia 2.1 and ilove him so much so I Will buy this phone Nokia 3.1A Nokia not just prand of phones it's memories from happy times I spend wirh nokia phones .from Egypt we all love Nokia

Chriss Tomcat

I am NOKIA fan, but... this is sooo booring.

Rakesh Mirajkar

Watching this video on my Nokia 5.1 awesome phone with latest updates android 9.0 and may security patches great Nokia phone

Henry Windsor Rurikovich

That's my kind of phone 💓

حسام الطيب

هذا نوكيا الاصلي لو تقليد كم سعره

جلنار الروح

مبايل روعه بس عيبه قاعده الشحن كل شهر اصلحه

Michael Black


MediaTheBlugarianEditor 1097 HD /SamsungTOTS6 2019

Nokia 3.1 AT&T Prepaid Sony Vegas Effects