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Shut up -N- Game

can this phone get cool apps and games like the iPhone

Rebeka Obuka

No! It's not! My friend has it and I have it and it turns of by it's self and the battery is week and the touchscreen is horrible better get the Nokia Asha (if you want a not expensive phone) or any Lumia! 😉


piano on this and there would always be the weird sound of me picking up my phone at the end instead of just having to press the stop button. I would recommend something else but if you wanna try this phone, go ahead. It's pretty good for basics... but that's kinda it.


if you want a phone that is indestructible, this is it. I've dropped this phone so many times. you only get a few scratches. but honestly, this phone sucks. you really can't do much and when you go on the internet, it heats up pretty fast. whenever you're listening to music, watching videos, on the internet, etc. it eats the battery up fast. also, if you are recording your voice, recording a video, or anything like that, this phone will lock the screen. I've tried recording myself playing the

brenda burditt

i had this phone it was my first touch phone


This phone uses a resistant touch screen, the keyborad really sucks. So if u like to text, dont even consider buying this.

Brooke Thorpe

how come the phone won't let me send videos?

Starr King

@pelicaravansary oh,I been done got rid of that phone.

zul peli

@Starr0809 update with Nokia Software Updater, u can download it in nokia.com, and use opera for browse the web...

zul peli

@KatiushaVN4 yup, its charge airtime when you use GPS, but if you offline the GPS internet, its will free

Anwar Khanaizir

how do u put in the sim card helpp please

Rebeka Obuka

Don't get it!

Mine crashed now! (I have this phone)

I can't even speak on it!

Good that I'm getting a new phone!

Spencer Hall

why would you say dont get it? this is a three year old phone and it just now crashed? sounds better then half the phones on the market to me. If nokia made a nuron to with the same software and style but with todays specifications I would go out and buy it.

Keishaa Prettyy

How Do You Get It From Offline Mode ??

curtis guarino

got that phone 3 years ago on my birthday. this year on my birthday i got the htc one...what a big step


does the nuron have 411 in the contacts already when you first turn it on

Larry Shinn

the phone dont have wifi capable u have to have service

Steph Inson

How can I connect my nokia 5230 on wifi? Pls answer me. I badly need an answer. Thank u 🙂