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yep... it has everything you need... even wi-fi... but i sold it to buy a nokia N9... i must say im a bit sad... that phone's been with me for more than 1 year... and i must say that this is probabbly one of the best phones i've ever had... its beautiful, exelent music player, great internet conection, good apps... i mean... when the guy that bought it comes for it... i must say... im giving an exelent and beautiful phone... but i have to moove on and buy a N9 smartphone...


i had this phone way back 2010 but was stolen...LOL now i have samsung galaxy s2

Nectro Spect

On the left side there is a door, Open it and the big slot is for the sim.


I can not find the SIM card slots this phone D: help me 😀

Ivelina Vaneva

hmm in the box does it have a case or something like that because i dont want to break it when i will buy it ????

Chuong Nguyen

When you drop this phone, the screen would not break, unlike the iphone series which self destructs with a small drop


I had this phone back in the day for a month. I couldn't use it longer than that. Only thing I liked about it was the camera.

Adeel Munawar

fuck nokia's digitizers ... shitty touch screens


waht are the songs in 5530 i love one song but i forgot its like a girl

Ernest Caylinder

Good review! But one thing I dont understand. Why everyone keeps saying : call quality blablabla. The phone probably doesn't even have a sim card inserted...


i had that phone for 7 moths then i sold it to a friend and after 5 moths i bought a new one bacause i love itt. really nice phone

Dimitris Apostolopoulos

the phone has no disadvantages! id rather a litte better battery life though... but nice device! i have it almost 2 years!

Emrah Sadiki

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Veemal Boodram

i have using it for more than one year and it has falen into water and still alive love zat device


this phone battery life used to last more than 3days with daily usage and i miss this!

if only water damage was covered within warranty

Firzok Nadeem

for downloading latest games and apps for nokia symbian goto nokias60v5apps.blogspot.com/

Kyle Murphy

its so thick o.O (that's NOT what she said)

sea foam

this was my phone years ago back in college and my first touch screen phone. cant believe that was almost 10 years ago. one of the best earphones included. i had the blue and white combo which is so neat to look at.

Allan Patterson

Anyone else wish the new nokia android phone had front facing speakers? Id love for a new "XpresMusic" type phone from them.

kinG of kings M3

It's my first phone...
When i am in 10th class...
Good memories...😢😢


I only watched this for the Nostalgia. Was my first touchscreen phone when i was 12-13. Currently 21 and watching this from an Oneplus 2 which im going to upgrade for a 5T this Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Muhammad Rahadiansyah

Oh i remember this phone from back in 2010 i think... it ended up being destroyed and washed inside my jeans pocket after i forgot to get it out when i get home from a road rage

Joaradid Rodriguez

God! The description of the video says 'slim screentouch device'... Actually, I remember this phone slim, thiner than other of that time, but nowadays I can't believe how fat it was D: This phone made me happy for a very long time, you could do everything what you want to do, music, photos, web navigation, games, etc, 😀 what a memories! 😁😁😁

Daniel Garcia

still have mine, still works, it was my first phone and i really loved it, now i use samsung, but nokia is in my heart<3


It was My first ever touchscreen phone March 2010 , I will never forget you !🌟

מיכאל תמרוב

I had this phone for like 3 years ago, and it was my first smartphone befor the iPhone and the galaxy! It was a nice phone but as samrtphone, lets say that I glad that nokia stop support in symbian 🙂

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Good review,but from personal experience i will tell you that this phone sucks.I have so many problems with it.If i was you i wouldn't buy this phone.

Andrei Visan

ll sounds stupid but how insert my sd card on phone cuz my phone dont read it...help me :c

Tuan Pham

Very very durable. My new phone would have been another Nokia if they made phones running Android. Now I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but I have to admit that I prefer holding the 5530. It's so great and I can throw it and drop it anywhere without breaking the screen!

Tuan Pham

I've had this phone for 2 years and it's so awesome. The size is small and slim, so holding it feels great. I actually held it in many different ways and it was always comfortable.

It's extremely durable!!! I dropped it and threw it around on concrete from 2 meter high all the times and it never got a visible scratch (so durable that I got used to play toss and catch with it). The only problem is it's the old soft touch screen type, so a screen protector is highly recommended.