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Andy Bowler

Being in the Matrix is not the reason for buying this phone!

Omar kmt

you buy it as a secondary phone for it's battery life . you don't need to browse or watch videos you can but that's not the point

Rideshare Done Right with Dennis Hampton Jr.

Buying it right now.

Fernando Eiras

Come on NOKIA!
Give us a new 5310 ExpressMusic!!
One of the best phones ever.
Design, battery life, sound quality, extra features and conectivity.
Only wi-fi and up to date internet is missing.
Deserves a second life!


I'm considering getting this as a minimalist phone as opposed to my Note 8 for when I want to detatch from my phone, it still has whatsapp which separates it from other feature phones.

sha miah

Nah! If you have to push it down! Not worth it!. It was all about the push down button that made it so cool.

Shahid Mehmood

I think not useful mobile. Only waist money.


I just want a non smartphone with good durability and it's good with music.

Draven Rainrix

The new Nokia 8110... Everyone's favourite burner...


Remember back when the 2MP cameras were the absolute beast on the market, and some models didn't even have a flash? I don't see the problem here.

Cappy Hantz

This was meant for people who are trying a non media life. I am really looking to get one of these for communications only. Not for work productivity. Who wants to take their work with them everywhere? Not me. That was the old me. Less media is better.

Einar Silvansky

That's so disappointing, actually...I was hoping to see a flagship device in a shape of a slider. Flagship cameras front and rear, Android on board-so you can use online banking, checking your social networks, make calls to people on Viber, telegramm etc, NFC for payment systems...longer (touch, of course) screen-smaller keyboard.For rest people could use Wi-Fi hotspot and notebook. IMHO. I would happily switch to this kind of phone in 2018.......and pay for it 500-600 quid. But Nokia took it in other direction. Such a shame 🙁 Is it only me who thinks this way??

Damian Fatz

How old were you when Matrix was released? Older generation will appreciate the nostalgia, we know how fast technology has moved on, no need to bash the phone and say how bad things were TWO DECADES AGO!!!!!


How is this updated when it's not even spring loaded like the original???????????????
Now I don't want it. WTF NOKIA, where is the nostalgia?!


Does anyone know of any RPG games for this phone or a forum for KaiOS?

Escobar L.A. ʘ‿ʘ

Me lo ofrecieron nuevo en 16 dolares... lo compro?

Fano Boyo

Overpriced, no spring load and barely any improvements apart from compatibility.


T9 wasn't easy to use? I used to bust out texts so god damn fast on old phones


I remember whrm sliding it open to answer a call was a head-turning moment when your friends were just with 3210...


Wish nokia could bring back its line of foldable phone...i would buy one just for the fun and memory of it

Frank Medgyesi

Can you push a button to slide it off, or you can only slide it with your fingers?

Alex Rey

When this guy says that he thinks it's only going to sell because of nostalgia he's not taking into account the hundreds of other countries that still use really basic phones even if they're technologically advanced like South Korea and Japan

Ryzen Core

i want one right now, i never had the original but i always wanted this, "the matrix Cell Phone" lol ha ha f'ing yes i want it!!!!

Marcus Kihn

It’s not supposed to work like a smartphone- that’s the point. Stupid to compare it.

Thomas Kinkade

I wish people would stop saying nostalgia like 1999 was a thousand years ago or something. Also those buttons are substantially larger than the virtual keys on a smartphone screen.


why have the same things repeated? he talks about the camera being 2mp and poor quality then a few seconds later says the same thing.

Handsome Sahir

Bad phone without facebook and whatsapp

Armand Robotson

This phone could be perfect with a slight addition...

Instead of the sliding part be just plastic...it could be a second screen when phone locked it would form a full screen with the upper part for games and watching movies...

This could be the perfect phone if they switch the plastic to rest of the display area...

Chris McQueen

My first mobile phone, back in the day.

Joel Sarno
biased review...one sidedi personally own this banana phone been bought at lazada philippines 2 days ago for more or less 20$ during their year end sale. i think his reviews is not fair. what do you expect for a basic phone? hahaha... anyways... wifi capable and wifi hotspot plus voLTE is a big thing for me. i can able to connect my smartphone to the banana's wifi hotspot and the network is superb! you can also brows 2 the internet, fb, youtube tweeter using banana phone itself. when i saw this phone personally...it really made me smile, really love the… Read more »