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Richard DuPertuis

Found manual focus. Open the camera in the Lightroom app.


I am intrigued by this phone! Looking for a step up from my LG G6 and I love the design of this. What I'd like to know though; can you also use this phone as a regular pointing shoe on the fly? Or do you have to edit every single photo you take before it saves them?

William Hutchinson III

Wow he shot this video on the front camera of the phone!

myfavourite Lemonjuice

Should I buy this BTW I'm using the HTC u ultra

Eray Özdemir

I'm expecting more specific tests rather than just a blur effect tests. Like a comparison between Lumia 1020 (or 808) and Nokia 9. In night situations or landscape capabilities etc. Good job anyways!! I'm just sayin 😀


You know the other day my mind ran on you, wondering if you were ever going to return to youtube. Still stuck around Pocketnow in hopes that you were just in the background or something. Glad i searched for the N9 AGAIN! and you showed up in my results. SUB!!!! i missed those in depth reviews


The camera look interesting, but dunno if it makes up for the rest of the cons.

David Kamatoy

Is there a reason that this video is underlit? Did it look hotter in the screen? I am sure the quality of the Nokia 9 video would improve if this was lit.

Ilpo Heikkilä

This was great video from the beginning but then you said you are using Nokia 9 front camera to shoot this video and I was like WHAT!?! Such a great quality! I have to get Nokia 9!

Kaycerey Capua

Wow! Revealing that u actually shot this video with a front cam of Nokia 9 Pureview? Just wow! I was so amazed. The audio quality is so so good

I believe in a previous video you mentioned you prefer the image quality of a crop zoom from a large megapixel sensor instead of a telephoto shot from a smaller sensor. I'd love to hear a further discussion on the subject, maybe comparing a crop zoom shot from the new Sony 48 megapixel sensor to that from a 12 megapixel telephoto like the one on your LG V40. Perhaps you can compare these two methods with the unique setup the Nokia 9 Pureview is using.Or did you already do so (minus the Nokia of course) and I missed the vid?

I'm looking forward to your full review, the Nokia 9 Pureview seems to be a very interesting device.

Mirza Shafi

That's why I was thinking why the video is 4k but the quality is so bad!! At least you could have used the main camera 🤦‍♂️

The Two Perspectives

Because we trust you with Sound and Camera reviews. No does it best but you juan!


2:32 I think this is my first time seeing you without your beret. 🧢

Agiver Reviga

That's what Apple has been doing since the iPhone 7 Plus. They create a depth map from their two lenses and apply a gradual lens blur, now with the Xs it looks even more realistic but their edge detection is still not perfect, sometimes is garbage. If they somehow fix that, it will be awesome. You can even export the depth map from photos but with a third party app.

sukhtaj singh

At the end of the day, result matters whether it is from software or hardware. What about OIS in PureView video?


2021 smartphones cameras will replace dslr/mirrorless

Anugrah Shrivastava

Am i the only one bothered by his shirt's last button 😅

pop_ mu22

That old soc killed this phone on arrival
How much impressive it can be
That processor would be a deal breaker for many (not the average consumer)
Geeks may not buy it
But nostalgia for ordinary consumer may be an enough reason to grab one

Study Purpose

The smartphone market must go back to Nokia and Sony. Samsung and Apple have had enough now.


Ok!!! That's definitely a sweet surprise... 4k front camera throught this vid!!

Michael Adhi Nugroho

My first impression of the video... Wow, what a shitty camera... Then it's revealed it's shot using the Nokia 9 front camera. Now I'm conflicted... I'm quite disappointed with the flagship development lately. I was hoping the Nokia 9 will wow me in the camera department. I don't know, a lot of buzz on Nokia 9, but actually no information of value given as well.

Harshavardhan chaudhari

My Nokia 9 will come 2 days later

Suyog Kadam

I'm Nokia 8.1 user... and I'm super happy...

Aditya singh

You really need to quit this job ... you don't know how to compare


This phone is not for people who have trypophobia

I just received the Nokia 9 yesterday, which finally replaces my Lumia 950 XL, which replaced my Lumia 1020. After a day of playing with the camera, I am sorry to say that it falls far short of the Lumias. I was expecting to be wowed but when I zoom in to the pictures, the details that I am used to seeing on the 950 are not there. Instead, it's a blurry mess with jagged edges everywhere. Hopefully this can be fixed on the software end, but as of now, I think I will keep my Lumia handy when I'm… Read more »
Jupp Soetebier

It's a hundred dollars too expensive and will be outdated in six months.

Rico's Story

Right now I've got the Nokia 8 and the camera is bothering me more and more even with the Pixel app. I'm so stoked for the Nokia 9. This video makes it look VERY promising. Even for YouTube content on the go!