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Itaint Rite

I'm hearing terrible things about Nokia's Android One support tho. People complaining about 7+ issues. A lot. Kinda turning me off the Nokia 9.

Teshigi Smith

That video footage looks terrible... Would love to have gotten this phone but all that shaking and overexposing in the video footage was a real turn off. Some kind of combined eis and ois would have been better. This phone is definitely more for people who just want to take stills.


Hands down best camera phone after the legendary S4 zoom, although im not so sure about the design...

anonymous anonymous

WTF is that... trypophobia specimen?


Cannon & Nikon. Are we a joke to you...?


2:12 "And you can see what that sounds like here" LOL

Megalasaurian Yeet

oh where am I gonna a case for that

Manu Sudan

Honestly...99% USERS are pretty much satisfied with 128 gb storage...so stop sayin...ONLY 128 GB...

Fernando Alba

Aw man . I thought there would be a black model

Mihai Piciu

I thought the thumbnail was a joke...Thank you nokia...for making me laugh every time when you launch a phone

Vadidos 1


Paul Marsden

So far I'm impressed with this phone. Keep up the good work Sir.

Ernest Rafael Alberio

Wait, is this phone expandable via micro sd card?

Tanmay Behera

give the link of that dramatic landscape shot

science & technology

Video by Nokia its a terrible, photos cool

Siddarth Joji

Doubt. Does it use all the sensors if we use the raw image? Or does the Monochrome sensor be used in processing the JPEG?

fajry akbar

holyshit, this phone make mate 20 pro like another cheap china phone

Kevan McNay

No SD card slot ? ... Strange given how much space a 4k video takes up

Alex Ferro

"HMD, the company behind the Nokia Brand"
Dude, HMD Global is a Nokia company.

GSG - Hail Revolution

I'm so happy I bought the amazing LG G7+. I am a photographer and a videographer. I am extremely satisfied. 😉

Dante Arturo Rodríguez Camacho

Thanks for the review! Does it come with the complete LR app version? Or just the lite one that anyone can download from the google store?
Also, do you have to purchase LR on your PC to be able to use the LR on the phone? Or can anyone that buys this phone have access to the complete LR app? Thanks!


does it take better quality photos than the iPhone Xs ?

Dhananjay Talekar

I have a few questions for you :
— what image resolutions are available ?
— do MP changes when resolution is changed ? (it didn't when I used NokiaLumia920, but it does in Nokia8Sirocco)
— how is the picture quality after using that 2x / 3x zoom button ?
— has it got dual/hybrid SIM support ?