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Hope to see also some video recordings with the Nokia 9 pureview.

Animesh Sardar

The five camera is making the show of the phone worst. Yaak

mohit kukreti

Am i the only one who thought it was a clickbait until i noticed that it is real?

siddharth kumar

Hello beebom team kindly explain 5 camera features in details please.

Govind Prasanth

lol 5 cameras and no OIS neither 60fps. press f


A pentagon camera is an awesome piece of art and well made engineering

TONY stank

😭 only six cameras??.. what ...... i m not satisfied...i want 20+...!!

Modern Creator

Imagine, when someone is taking your photo and you don't know which camera you've to look at lol😂

soumya ranjan swain

Missed the intro music😌😌😌

Ronald Jay Fiesta

The real power of this phone is on the raw files

utkarsh agnihotri

Nokia 9 main camera can beat other phone main camera if yes then 5 camera can make sense else no.

chidvilas chethurved

when is the full camera review for nokia 9 coming


because this is a HUGE thing for all NOKIANS out there this guy JuanBagnell is releasing great content about NOKIA 9 and in depth videos about the capabilities of the phone

I highly suggest his content until we can have us too this Photographic masterpiece of mobile photography and technology

Dhananjay Talekar


I have a few questions for you :

— what image resolutions are available (in color/monochrome modes both) ? If yes :

— do MP changes when resolution is changed ? (it didn't when I used NokiaLumia920, but it does in Nokia8Sirocco)

— what is general image size for 16*9 resolution photos

— is burst mode available (with all these 5 cameras stacked together) ?

— how’s the quality of 2x/3x zoomed photo ?

— what’s the 6th black lens there on top right ?

— has it got dual/hybrid SIM support ?


Kheri Macksood

Yeah waiting for the full review ND a giveaway from you

Santhosh Bt

2050 : 15 camera back side and 10 camera front. Display only 1.5 inch...

chicco vintoni arthur taurosa

This nokia phone will crush dxomark

Dark Lord 11

Imagine trying to buy a case for that phone.

Ahmid libya

they should use the insects eye design a cluster of mini cameras in tinted glass