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Vladimir Pejić

Seriously speaking, this is the only phone I found interesting this year. Its waaaay over my budget but who knows ...

Satvik Rustagi

Hey , just a quick question , how is that motospeed ck62 treating you , do you even use it nowadays and also do you miss not having arrow keys on it . ?

Zafer Atmaca

it is a revolution in mobile photography!

Savage Bastard

The colours could surely be improved with a mere software update


Please make a video about how create a studio for YouTube, I love your videos ♥️


Smashed it! I could probably live with this phone. But seeing as how my current phone is about 5 years old, I could live with anything. Hope more friends are willing to lend you stuff.

Jerry S

Great video but were you joking about the fingerprint sensor?!! I have given up with mine as it just didnt work and lots of others are having similar problems. HMD are supposedly doing an update to fix that and camera crashes. Face recognition works great though and it is a super phone, the camera is indeed awesome for capturing tons of detail in varied light conditions. Thanks for the video 😊

Trevor Broughal

Next time you review a phone it would be good if you actually had the phone.


Disclaimer: ALL photos, unless labelled "SOOC" are graded in Lightroom. I have a very washed out, almost film style when it comes to my grading, which is why my photos are less contrasty than everyone else's. If you want to see out the camera colours on this phone, then 3:36, 3:37, 3:43 and 3:50 are your ones to look at. Any other questions, feel free to ask me here

Zerakyuu Sama

The photo made by Nokia 9 could be used in any other brands. Thinking this was like a nokia 9's reference to Microsoft on the concept of universal platform. If you have a smartphone just get the picture produced by Nokia 9 and then play around with the refocus.

The RaRa85

Dude are you from GoT?lol Anyway nice video but I wish you included more photo samples and touched on the depth aspect in Google photos more. I have a great phone but I'm really considering the Nokia 9 after a few software updates.

Mahaputra DiCelana

Youtube is being dumb, why i got the notification after 1 day!? wtf


Wait...you are the FIRST person (not just reviewer) to say that the fingerprint scanner is “quick”. Everyone else has complained about it being pretty much unusable o.O Was this review made after a second update? Cheers for that mate!


0:46 wow, I didn't see that coming. Most reviewers claim the underscreen fingerprint scanner is mediocre — I wonder if it's due to some ninja soft update or is it on hardware part.
I guess I'll have a difficult choice to make between nokia 9's cameras quality and note 9 linux dex, s-pen and display.

Damn those first world problems, who's up for some nuclear apocalipse? xD

Speak out and remove all doubt!
I would love to see a poll of "are you put off buying this phone because of the low specs (old CPU, 6GB RAM, small battery) or are you more likely to buy the phone because the price is $/£550 and not $/£750?". I really like what Nokia has done here, the phone looks great and all the cameras working together to give you an amazingly detailed image is exactly what i want. But the battery life if a huge concern for me and i don't think that phone will stand up to a long, heavy use day and i… Read more »
Reanetse Moleleki

Skrillex bleached his hair and reviews phones now.

Joshua Christensen

Finally someone who got it — this phone is for raw photos


could have pushed atleast one wide angle in there 🤔


Finally, a YouTuber who doesn’t stretch videos to 10 minutes for no reason. Thanks for the information

Michael Kirchner

when you say the fingerprint sensor is great that makes everything else you say suspect