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Eric N

Great review, but your microphone is terrible.

David Buchanan

5 camera's?? How come Google's pixel mobiles only needs one?? Computational photography is the new way to take photos and personally speaking I think the BIG DSLR manufacturers better sit up and take note... within the next year or 2 Google's computational camera software will warrant 35mm and 50mm manual dslr lenses redundant because it's getting so good... They've proved that so far with the photographic detail their Nite shot mode can take...

Ruchir Arya

No offense, but I am having earache now... 😭😭😭

Kailash 1999

The videos was really appreciated which is fine reviews and looks more realistic.I would suggest you to adjust the audio...plzzzzzzzzzzzz

D.D singh WORLD

How many are shocked after seeing Nokia spelling in this video😁🤟


Обзор хороший, но звук плохой! Какое разрешение фотографий при зуме 2х и 5х?

T. O.

"Are 5 Cameras Better Than One?" You didn't answer the question. Oh well...

Mel O'Dauz

I miss a dual speakers setup in that phone to be complete phone...
Btw, you should upgrade de microphone, the visuals was good, the audio was very bad.


I still have a Nokia 808 PureView.

With regard to the Nokia 9, was any reason forthcoming from Nokia for the omission of a dedicated camera button, and expandable storage?

Given the internal storage is 128Gb, what is the size of a single RAW file?


Is that a woman or a guy?
Looks like a Justin Beiber cross breeding with Jonas Brothers.

Gustavo Uemura

2019 and reviewers still don't know that megapixels are related to the sensor — not lens. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Swat Kats

Keeping up? What a sweetheart! Haha pretty cool phone, good information. Great reviews.


отменил предзаказ хоть и были наушники блюпуп за 8000 подарком , цена на предзаказ 49990 , модули камер староватые , жду сравнение камер . говорят новая версия 9 выйдет к концу лета .


That voice oh my fuckig god 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tim Collins

Aping the American "shout it out" presentation "style". arggh.

Malhaar Punjabi

When I first play the video, I instantly felt that she is female bot, and then realized, no she is human. lol
may be her hair style and eyes !!!

Benjamin P

Why doesn't the name on the back of the phone say Nokia?

Andrei G G

Where are you mrs, your woice is coming from another planet


Forgot to turn on that lavalier mic, did you?

Vivin Louis

Are 5 Cameras Better Than One?
The answer to the YouTube title is left unanswered, I expected an more detailed review on Nokia 9's camera department.

anand thakare

Hey daddy long neck! I didn't know you have a YouTube channel

tH Head

No always on display in 2019? Oh boy, its so sad. I refuse buy a smart without always on. =(

A. F.

Maybe next time try to get a microphone which costs more than 5 bucks...