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is it waterproof quick need to know fAST please speed is key

Daniel Betancourt

Felt great when played with at Best buy. Every photo I took was blurry though which was troubling. Front facing photos and bokeh were great though!

Wasn't able to see what software version since they had it locked.

10 points for design at least

Lupo Ch

Благодаря за ревюто! Както винаги всичко е много подробно и ясно!


Nokia Pureview 9 is a re imagining of LG G6, they just upped the storage, switched out the processor and added 3 more cameras to the back and moved the fingerprint scanner... Cleared it out by making it Android One and then slapped the Nokia name to it... gg HMD gg ... maybe design a phone from scratch on the next one. but honestly thank you for not going with the notch...

Evan Huang

It would've been better if they actually had 9 cameras

plamen stoyanov

You are in Bulgaria near tehnical university

Tata Nona

Nokia 9 is beautiful Just don't listen to these fucking haters

Toasty Jam

No headphone jack is an instant turnoff in 2019. Its the equivalent of someone being subscribed to t-series.

David Košič

since you can get a new galaxy s9+ for less than 500 € i would skip this one.


woow!! i really need to get one of these!! this is super cool!!

Chin Yang

your speech is too fast. There is no need to speak more but you should make everybody in the world to understand what you say.

Aishwarya Vaidya

Damn. If only it had dual speakers this would have been my next phone.

Uran khatola

Sucks👎👎👎👎👎Scree should be egde to edge... i just played the vdo forward to watch the screen first throug 6 cameras in sewerage

Launched Phones

Did you know? The phone can take 240 MP camera shots...


I wonder if it's just a proof-of-concept phone 🤔 because it seemed "unfinished"

Leonardo Zhao

Here comes a question . How many cameras will be showed in Nokia 30 ?

Eric See

Carl Zeiss lenses on Nokia seems irrelevant now.

South Albania

Amazing I really lovit Nokia ❤️thanks god for new model the best no comment

Angelo Tribal

My nokia X2 year 2011/2014 old before want nokia 9 128GB like buying price?

Toranski C

I think Nokia is just trying a little too hard, the back camera layout is just hideous.

Ish-Hael Leo

What a waste of use of all those 5 cameras. They should be of different kinds and purpose.

johnny Garcia

I was really optimistic, most reviews seem to be experiencing the same problems. My question is, what phone carries the best camera? Pixel 3?


5 camera’s and no single bump.

I’m looking at you all other phone manufacturers.

Sumanta Adhikari

In MB (mega bytes) size, what is the max size of photo it can take?

Carlmiguel Paraiso

What happened nokia? Why don't you try being a flagship killer? And try getting the mid-range bring your price down and make a flagship quality at a lower price. You'll get attention.


Does anyone get trypophobia with all those camera holes??

Dillon Whall

it annoys me that the flash isn't in the middle.

Sovann T

Ok this is getting out of hand . Next it'll be 10 cameras


No way!!! Zeiss lens are superb!!!  Only on here they are aboard of an "old born" smartphone and in an awful position!!! The phone It looks like that one my grandmother had 30 years ago. So no doubt, it will be a BIG flop. RIP — (PS. GSMArena Official, BEST PHONES NEWS CHANNEL)

it'sMe TheHerpes

no headphone jack = deal breaker for me

Product reviewer uk

Its nok key ya not no kia ok understand.