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You check update on this phone? Juho Sarvikas say that have New update which fix problem with Camera


this phone is all about the camera, where are the photos?

Deep Kagathara

Turns on Always on display and then checks for Lift to wake? How's that supposed to work? Like OnePlus it just wakes always on display when lifted

Sanjeev Kumar

@daniel marchena... which one to buy... Nokia 9 pureview or Samsung galaxy S10e ...?? I m very Confused... plz help me...

The RaRa85

So good to see reviewers getting their hands on this phone early. Can't wait to get to use it myself.

Marcin O

Great review. Can you please confirm resolution numbers.

I Love Speed Tests

Let me guess, it lacks CDMA support for use on Verizon right?

Arbab Aziz

WOW!!! what a review . One of the best out there.

Naveen Kumar

This Qualcomm 845 is custom made only for Nokia 9

wong terence

Good work.
Single or dual speaker? What do u think about its picture quality after zoom against other phones?


I don't think you can get much more legendary boot up tone than that age old Nokia one.

Alejandro Pérez Bueno

Keep up the great work, I love your content 😁


Thank you , lots of information. Unlike other other guys jut talk about phone camera.

Roden Villegas

The way those camera and sensor layout really bothers me. Not sure what you call that phobia. Pretty sure i'm not the only one.

Arminius Invictus

Great video my man. Your channel is going places if you keep up the quality work

Raju Ahmed

Thank you so much...this is very good review... love you from Bangladesh...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Viktor Kunayev

Does the video record well? compared to iphone?

lazaros papadopoulos

re halva exeis kinito me 5 kameres kai de vgazeis oute mia foto r poso mikro einai to pouli sou


Your surname reminded me of the football player 'Carlos Marchena' !!!

An Pham

You do know why the "lift to wake" isn't working right? Because you put it on ALWAYS ON lol. "Lift to wake" will turn it on to the Glance Display from a completely blank screen. I hope my explanation isn't confusing.


3.5 millimetres not 3 and half inches 😆

vikas gupta

can you please let me know which launcher and theme you are using on LG v40 and one plus 6T...they look insane...please give the links if possible


If it only had dual front speakers it would be great.

Diptanu Goswami

Nokia 9 is way better thn one plus 6t