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I was deep cleaning my room and found my old 640 XL, the last Windows Phone I owned. Even to this day, the camera on that laughably inexpensive phone is amazing. I remember proudly owning a Lumia 930 — I loved the metal band and the bright green back.

This really gave me a sad, nostalgic feeling. Everything you said is very true. We will never get to see something like this, the envelope more than likely won't be pushed again and tacky looking color science keeps the masses happy.


proof that megapixels dont reallly matter much!

Sergio Missaglia

Go ! Installare Android and the gcam

Mjpm Bombz
This is true. Nokia phones back then were really innovative. Weird looking phones but i loved them. Nokia 3650 (rounded bottom), 3220 (lights on the sides), 7600 (leaf shape), N-gage versions (gameboy shaped/style), 6810 or E70 (flip phone with qwerty when opened and the screen is in the middle), 3100 (no special feature, i just love the glow in the dark housing/casing), N90 (similar to hand held camcoder design), L'mour collection phones especially the 7380 (female designed for fashionable phone and 7280 for males), don't forget the 3210 and 3310 that can destroy the floor when dropped. LoL! and a… Read more »

Nokia's camera with Windows Phone was amazing...Nothing comes close...

Zombot Z

Nokia still the king camera phone ever , with Carl Zeiss

Wesley vandeurzen

The only kinda modern camera phone is the lumix cm1.

Anad Nitram

I think they still have tricks! Just wait and see

Luc Delarue

Looking at a video about WP always makes me sad. What a beautiful OS it was

Subhashis Das

I want to see gcam on lumia's camera if possible


oh my god i swear this 1020 is better than the mate 10 by a lot. like, its more sharp. it the photo of his face, you can more easily make out his facial hair on the 1020 compared to the mate 10, and in addition, there's a smoother contrast difference. what an excellent camera

arvind kumar sharma

One thing which we can't deny is the special place Nokia brand has in our heart. No matter what brand you are using but secretly somewhere in our hearts we hold a place for Nokia

A Random Guy On The Internet



thank you, now i know for sure, already knew, my aps-c fuji system camera outperforms every smartphone, even phones about twice the price like the iphone LOL


The 1020 was limited by M$ Windows Phone software. You should have used the Nokia 808 Pureview.

இளங்கோ இளங்கோ

Nokia camera are good can u compare with I phone x

osx holunman

Its all depend on sensor size and pixel size um, there is still no one can win nokia pureview 808 and panasonic cm1, both camera sensor are close to 1"

Umar Islam

The legend that pushed Huawei beyond their comfort zone

Laugh·a·ble Operation

Up to now nokia is still a camera beast for me like my nokia 7 plus! Zeiss lens are the best!

Green Stumps

The HMD Add more sensors was what I always wanted, it's basically many sensors acting as one... it is pureview in hardware. The problem is HMD did a bad job :/ Where as everyone is else is doing smaller useless sensors with a slight zoom and wider angle... I think they end up being useless because the sensor is so crap.

As for the 1020 it sucked when it came out, the photos were poor from it and the 808 was so much better and faster.

If only Noika went for Android and the powerhouse CPU's and software instead of windows phone that lagged due to Microsofts involvement (and Nokia did the mistake of bringing in a Ex Microsoft emplyee as director...oh my it went sout from there) then Nokia (HMD) would not have had to reboot on Android a few years ago, though today they focus on network (5G) which has allways been one of thier branches (except phones, patents and ocasional trips to healt gear and other things they did not do themselves and there fore did not work as well) and have phones… Read more »
Arvydas Andrius

h,mm lumia seems to have more eye candy collors, lools more like artis camera

Promethious B

I still use a lumia 1520,,and it holds its own even now,,my daily driver and still loving it after 4 years...


to think 2013 nokia would be better than 2018 Huawei

Kot Boyarkin
I still use my Lumia 1020 because I can't find a phone with a better camera. Sure, maybe all these phones for $1000 have a better camera or at least not much worse than Lumia 1020. But common, $1000 for a phone with a better or same camera? Hell no. It's better to buy some dirt cheap phone and a good camera then. But when I travel or walk somewhere in the park, I don’t want to have a phone and carry a separate camera with me. I want to have one device with which I can do everything, including… Read more »
bass boss

that nokia 1020 camera is like an eye
it can beat samsung galaxy s9


Can u please revisit the Lumia 950/xl? For camera

Tommy Jakobsen

Lumia has also much better Flash light, also a Real Foto Bottom... this was what Nokia Should do today to get ahead again, and stop that Android crap with software focus, with multi micro linses.

Luis Perez

And in 2019 we finally get the Nokia 9 Pureview. It’s crazy to this day I’m still rocking my 1020 and 950. Hopefully, this new Nokia 9 can become a true Successor to the 1020


I want to buy a yellow just because...
Maybe give my mate 10 pro a break


Nokia 9 is the answer !!! 😎👍

Shakeel G

I really miss the days when boundaries were being pushed not just to make phones look paper-thin and all-screen.