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Christer Ferner Madsen

Errrr... "The problem is not with Google, the problem is with Windows Phone" ?!?!?!?! Because Google Voice or any of Google's apps aren't on Windows Phone, how could one POSSIBLY arrest Microsoft for that? Google is the DEVELOPER, and of COURSE it's THEIR job to get their apps out there... Omg, just couldn't believe you said that...

Χρήστο ς

There is an app I use for my training on windows phone and I can΄t find it on Android. The problem is I can΄t find any similar in Android shop for free ! So, honestly I can΄t agree with your opinion...

gino castro

The Nokia 930 comes wiith a non removable battery. How long it lasts? What I do when battery dies?

Emil Vasilev

I just buy nokia lumia 930 and it is great phone the best i ever had !


Bye bye iOS (overpriced devices with a logo) bye bye Android (good os but leaks data and eventually slows down)...im about to get my Windows phone. I can live with less apps. Im one of the few who can survive without checking a social app every 2 minutes to see if they are popular. I dont even have a facebook account.
My first phone was a Nokia back in 1999. unlike apple & android, a nokia phone never ever let me down. so to hell with apps, where is my nokia phone?

Sin Verguenza

I see... It all boils down to apps. What about we disregard the apps? Which is better overall?


Great review! Need more honest reviews like this! Can you perhaps do one with it running Windows 10 or perhaps see if you can get your hands on a Lumia 950

Ahmad Hamad

you sounds an awful lot like flossy carter

Sampai Gaming

if you are apple user, switched to window phone-u will only got app problem. if you are android user, switched to window phone- you will reallyt satisfy the features and lag free. Window phone is a great choice for business or sport with epic sync.

Hefty Alan

Look at the cost though. Cost benefit Nokia much better

kanishk singh

i switched from Android to Windows and boy what a mess it was!! I agree with the review although other major downer aspects like poor app integration causing continuous crashes and unreliable Here Maps location accuracy definitely bring down the experience for me not to mention the lag in touch response in games like 'Subway Surfer' and 'Color Switch' ...dunno what these Lumia Lovers keep harping about...i'm going back to Android today 😀 😀

Bob johnson

where can i get the 930 for a good price and what do you think of the 735 and 640 XL??


There is a way to get the google play store in windows phone 10.There are lots of tutorials on youtube.

Lord Kievanrus

thanks for the review, I want to buy one 🙂

Jason Castillo

windows will ruin nokia. If they don't find a way to associate with google/android, they'll be gone right away.


still today the phone looks so sexy and awsome.2 bad the lack of good apps killed windows