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Darryl Handoyo

Who else thought this this the NOKIA 9 which will be released 2018???

shubham shrivastava

Who’s watching this in 2018 😜

Lyrics & Audios

R.I.P you got 100 comments for 1 million views, i watched unbox teraphys video only 50k views and 1k comments, 😂😂😂😂


Clean your desk dude. The whole world can see your mess.

Aldivo Arcajo de Almeida

Nokia 6 com Android foi o melhor gostei muito e tenho um

Игор Манасян


Самим мммммиииииииии

Harith Humam

The best Nokia should be. But sadly Nokia cannot figured out how to get it working.

ken kl

Dude, you are slow. They was a waste of video.

sharan zeus

brother where did you get that i want one fresh out of the box

Brobrunoinuel UNO

I have been searching nokia n9 for almost 5year... where to get it?.. i love the design!..😌😌


this is not 9 I think, it's kinda different from Nokia review


Such a HUGE box for a very tiny phone... hahaha only Nokia would think of that!


From where can i buy a new nokia n9 in 2019 ? pls. tell if somebody knows

Jasvir Sidhu

Now this phone is available or not and what is price??

Rishav Thakur

nokia ...the brand ahead of its time ...apple's iphone is nothing compared to nokia phones


Why can't anyone leaving a comment type a proper message instead of broken English. Which planet are you all from?

Lone Writer

It reminds me the Lumia 800... Very nice looking phone... Poor OS

ciremai surabaya

I hope HMD will rebuild this phone to android, its awesome design 🙂


I'm going to trade my Google Pixel 2 for this...

Mounee Hear

Some peopel say that 1+ is brand of nokia