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Carlos Andres

Nice phone . Will this phone work in USA ?

Creed Bratton

Have you picked the winner for the good guy doll yet? Every night since the giveaway started I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat crying in hopes that I win.

Pervez Ahmed

Man, you are really good! It would be great to see if you consider posting phone reviews with detailed features as well as teardown with technology a company uses (how and why), somewhat like Dave2D does in his laptop reviews. And thanks for the amazing video!


Is the main camera sensor is 48Mp & have Optical Image Stabilization??

DanyPrasad T K

waw guitar striker to open a nokia ... 😛 how much mm #striker??

epic gamer

Wow I can't believe you just didn't care about what else is in the box or care to turn on the phone you would be a bad tech reviewer I'm glad your just doing teardowns

Creed Bratton

This is surprisingly interesting. I came for the good guy, and stayed for the phones. I found a new favorite YouTuber.

Carlos García

Nice teardown. Are you gonna eventually do a review of this phone?

Also, what would you do if a screw was to difficult to remove because it is too damaged?

Esim Aitkazy

После этого работать будет?

gaurav patel

Why are you doing this, at least give to people like me who really needed