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Shaina Amiirah

Love it but still can't afford it...😢😢😢
Anyways great reviews...👍👍👍

Angel Hernandez

Dude, one of the best videos on this phone on YT. I subbed.

I'm getting my OnePlus tomorrow!

Big Fau 00

What is going on with the screen right by the ringer switch? Is that bubbles in the screen protector? Great review as always. I'm currently waiting for my OnePlus 7 Pro to arrive.


Awsome Phone... I still belive the huawei mate 30 pro will be best phone of 2019 if they can survive trumps bull.

mark simpson

Good review chigz. Can't wait for the 7.

Nancy Femmer

Great job, awesome review and very detailed Chigz☺
Aww ohhh, it looks like Chigz has found another Beast!😆
I wonder, will you use this OnePlus 7 Pro as your go to, instead of your Honor? Only Time will tell😉
I love this one but still saving. 😐 I also like the Pixels too.
Great job, OnePlus 7 Pro made to 2nd place with Samsung lower on your list. I seen earlier on Twitter that someone stated he couldn't get this one in tbe USA. 😩

Vishal Giri

the fastest flagship of the year with the best display on a phone, loved it!!

A Gregg

I'm impressed by overall performance 👍👍👍

Don Cardo

i had the chance to tried it today at tmobile and its blazing fast comparing sidebyside with the s10plus there is no comparison,its pretty even on gesture or even faster than my iphone xs max this phone is no joke.

patrick cadette

I knew this day would eventually arrive...where the budget killer would not be a budget killer...😥😥😥...but this is a hell of a phone...great job one plus...cool chigz...😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Martin Lear

Also interested to know if you think there will be a new Nvidia shield released this year

Martin Lear

Great review as always, waiting to see how the Xiaomi pocophone F2 compares

Jimmy Shanahan

Thanks for the review. I don't see the lack of wireless and IP reading as much of a loss. Wireless charging is not as fast and not really that useful. A bit of a gimmick. And their waterproofing is pretty good looking at all the testing others have done. I would miss the headphone jack . A few times in at an airport / station , forgot my headphones (wireless) and I just buy a cheap pair of wired headphones which will do.
I would also worry about how long the pop up camera would last.

faisal masood

This is really a beast, 😏 no wireless charging but I'm sure next model will be coming with it. Great review once again.


can you do camera comparison between xiaomi mi 9 vs pixel 3a vs honor 20 pro?

Sumit Ram

No IP Rating & No 3.5 mm headphone jack is really a downgrade side for this costly device. Display, Rear Camera, Gaming Performance, Oxygen OS, Battery are the excellent features in #OnePlus7Pro. 💖
Awesome Video!! 😎🔥


Hey could u pls review the gesture controller kai which is used to control many devices

Norman Chung

Yet another great review. It's a beast. With firmware updates I'd almost forgive the pop up camera! 🤔

TUG Nippleman

Chigz... on a different subject, I see there is a new " cheap " H96 MAX box with a new chip ( RK 3318 ). Will you be testing it?

Suvendra Nath

Sir...Please do review of Oppo Reno 10x and Redmi K20 Pro, if its possible.

Dr Bhavesh Mer

Whole video is genuine and unbiased. Thanks 😀

Lokesh Chauhan

OPPO reno 10× zoom...Battery drain test.

prashanth amanchi

NO Doubt This is Best Flagship Smartphone from Oneplus.