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Yes it is a good budget phone and it's my second choice after the Samsung S9+.

Mia Pet

how is the battery life? i currently have a Moto X (bought it new, August 2016) and it is starting to have serious battery issues.

David Hall

I went from a Droid Turbo (awesome!!) to a G6 — I hate the G6. My apps freeze up & the phone exits them + the phone will register 4GLTE & 4 bars but when I go to make a call all that goes away and only registers 1-2 bars & people complain of the connection. Should have stayed with the Turbo, wouldn't recommend this phone. 😭

Denise Evans

I do, I was sold on Motos 2 phones ago and this is my 3rd. It is sleek and there are so my options for me to customize it just the way I want. Thank you for your review, because sometimes, really good phones don't get enough credit;)

Dave Mendes

In terms of specs/performance, would you guys stick with the Moto G6 or Xperia XA2 ?


I will buy this phone the next day lol

Chris Winter

Yes i want one i don't want to spend 700-1000 $ on phones anymore


i paid less than 200 so guess i got a good deal

Jeff D

The Best buy close to me was sold out so i bought in online at the actual Moto website and got the phone in 4 days for $199 plus tax. I love it looks great with the glass and even comes with a see through case

Das It

I got it for 150$. Definitely happy with it for the price. If it costed more I would have went with something from Huawei or Xiaomi probably.

shauhardo khan

as you do good review it is a better idea to make your own channel


Im not here to bitch but i bought 2 of these in a row and both of them out of the box wouldn't charge... So i researched it on manufacture sight and is a issue with these and will need charge port/chip repaired... And one other flaw is that back case will break VERY easy as its glass. And also audio sound issue is reported .And i read that moto has not addressed any issues with this phone to fix it. So i ended up trading for a L.G. Stylo 4 ...


this is perfect for me, since I refuse to pay more than $200 for a phone


going from the moto xplay to this hope its as good, the xplay lasted me for 4 years at a quarter of the samsung s series

Mohit Aggarwal
There are better phones than this crap of a phone. I would not even take this phone for free!Despite being in stock android, it does not get regular updates. It has not even got pie yet. And the software it has is quite buggy.Camera in this sucks.Worst of all, i dont get how bad they have to put a logo above the fingerprint scanner that they literally compromised the size of the actual scanner.Motorola has the worst customer care.Why it has glass when it does not have wireless charging? What's the point?No ip protection, no headphones included in the box.It… Read more »
Matthew Marino

Which is better? The G6 or G6 Play? I will order one soon, but not sure which one. The G6 Play has a bigger battary by 1,000 mAh than the G6, but also looking at which one has the better camera and doesn't lag much. I do use it heavily at times, but not often at all, so not sure which one to go for. What do you guys think?

Alden Sabatino

This will be my next phone Ive owned 3 Lg's and there trash

Milo Pierce

I hate the moto g5 plus to the point that it is doubtful I will ever buy another motorola phone especially as long as it is owned by lenovo.

Let me go ahead and fill out a little Q&AQ: This phone or (insert phone here)?A: Well, that depends on your needs.Q: Does this phone support NFC?A: Well, it doesn't if it is a American unit.Q: Does this phone have a 4K camera?A: No, if you want a 4K camera, you should go for the G6 Plus or the G7.Q: Is this phone good?A: WATCH THE REVIEW.Q: Does this phone have custom recoveries and ROM's?A: Yes...sort of though, it does have a official and unofficial TWRP, but does not have any exclusive custom ROM's as of yet (I would suggest… Read more »
Rie Kumar

I bought mine for $100 from Google Project Fi.

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Got mine at Walmart yesterday, $149.00...also does anyone know if it has a notification led on the front? Not talking about the camera flash notification. Thanks.

Virginia Webb

How does this phone compare to a galaxy J7 (2019)?

Android 17

I switched from the iPhone 6s to the Moto g6 and the g6 is a way better than the phone overall in my opinion I just wish my pictures and videos saved over from switching

James Bowser

What is the difference between a moto G6 and a moto E6?

Caleb Bunting

I just ordered this phone for 150$ and I'm so excited to get it!

Hamradio Junkie

There down to $179.00 and one heck of a phone, had the Samsung S7 this is way better and battery life is great. Nice job Moto...

Prisca Technologies

Just bought one, can't wait to unbox it!

roro vlogs

How many of y'all are watching on a Moto g6

Katelynn Lee

Uh I'm thinking about getting this phone, but I was wondering if it had a hole for the earphones or headphones.


I am from INDIA,but our customer love Xiaomi more,but Xiaomi is not secure & not fast as per specs,Motorola is best


Just bought this phone. Wish it had a better battery like my old LG Fiesta 2

ASAP Tomek

DO NOT BUY !!! This piece of shit is factory faulty and resets all the time!! it can take anywhere bvetween 5 — 30 min just to be able to send a text from it again. !! cant rely on it. Ive had the misfortune of using it for 4 months, never again motorolla. broken software pushed out to the market.

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ

Have they updated anything with OS, etc with the models that are currently available if you were to buy one today? thanks and great video w/lots of detail...PS...If there any great alternatives to this budget smart phone, I'd be interested in that too if you could share. thanks.