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tops tops

Awesome unboxing, awesome review thank you for doing this kind of detailed review. Cant wait to watch the actual performance and durability of there phone. Keep it up

Femi Ogunnowo Abiona

Good job on the unboxing. Does the front camera come with a flash?

Ecko's Media ROOM

2 mins in, and already bought it 🙂

Yasmin de Sousa Martins

Hello, I do not speak English fluently, I'm from Brazil. This cell phone is better than moto g5s? He is good? Is it worth buying it?

Bruno Fernandes

Does he have wireless charging? I saw one wireless charger charging the a5 pro in a video

Mohamed khodja

Salam alaikom , please brother where i can get the same wallpaper CPU ?

curtis christensen

Anyone else have problems getting into APN menu ? Mine crashes Everytime when I try to enter it. I couldn't get my sim set up for 5 days and then somehow the APN menu opened so I could enter APN info. Now if I try to get into the APN settings it crashes again!


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Max pineda tello

tanks. how many time to charge the batery 100%?. the camera can take best photos in sunshine day? the speed navigation 4g is good?


do this phone work for pokemon go smoothly are not bro every phone it the samething nothing new 1080 pixel picture every phone have it


Please, I want the link for your live wallpaper or does it come with the device?

Rain O.

Do umidigi phones last long? Or what's the avg life span of their phones?

NEXT day artistic tec intoxication

Please bro please use gcam and tell about its camera output