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Fahim Khan

Nokia 7plus is a premium smartphone
No comparison with Xiaomi...
Nokia is nokia and 7plus everything plus.


Better built is mia2
7.3 mm thin ,sleek design,buttons have good click and are of good quality...

However it's my opinion

Manna Dey

Chaineas to chaineas e hai...Nokia to mobile ka bap hai...

dave c

Will pick nokia . its reduced in price to £200

Shashank Birajdar

NOKIA is brand
Mi is not a brand it is a toy

riju chatterji

Comparison between CLASS and MASS. 😎

ben owen

Both are great phones but I pick Xiaomi Mi a2, as I've heard the Nokia 7 Plus has performance issues and there is a 6GB RAM 128GB option which is STILL cheaper than the Nokia 7 Plus but yeah the 7 Plus is a better but slightly but then the Nokia 7 Plus is more expensive.

Sourav Ghosh

If price is the main priority then why are you guys compare these phones ,simply declares mi the winner

juwel rana

U should say Nokia 7+ has much better built.

Ishan Pandey

Along with otg cable and 64 gb pendrive right?


That battery life difference is massive!


Xiaomi Mi A2 has no headphone jack, so it's bullshit for a mid-range smartphone, Nokia 7 plus is better.

harish bista

nokia 7 plus is awesome !!! design...build quality...hardware...technologies...7 plus is far better than mi a2...

Surya Patel

Mi a2 has a underclocked sd660 no one noticed. Even this stupid called similar scores, seriously.

Almo Medvedec

Watching from a nokia 7 plus. For me there's no dilemma

Mark Orwa

Thinking of buying either of this and currently the price is the same in my country with the difference being the Mi A2 is the 6/128GB version

Shreyes Ingole

Two min silence for those who said nokia …these are the people which already using iphone 5 with attitude 🤣just because of the brand name …wasted

Lockon Stratos

Do not talk shit guys, Nokia 7 is better than mi a2, but by no means mi a2 is bad, we have dozens of mid range phones and you are comparing the 2 best ones, both are excellent.

ashikelahi kajal

+ user rock on🤘🤘🤘🤘💋💋


Nokia is way better than boring chimese toy mi


LoL Mi A2 is cheaper so better to buy Mi A2 and invest in addition in quick charger + power bank + bluetooth set... how stupid you have to be to say this on the YT channel ?

rubiks brain

Writing it from my Nokia 7 plus.......excellent phone ...beast incarnate in mobile world

daniel colon y vergara

Nice comparison, regards from Spain !!!

darKLord 12

the king always wears the crown and we all know that who is the king in this segment.

Even though it is massive 9000rs more than mia2 but it the Nokia branding and legacy that running years and years in the heart of the common people of India.
Like it if you chose Nokia!!

nethaji dhanapal
Already using Nokia 7 plus, amazing Phone. Everyone simply complaints about the price, if you need good phone your have to pay more. No one speaks about reliability that is an important factor. Ihave used mi phone after an year u need to buy another Phone. It won't withstand battery, performance degrades etc... But I am using Nokia 7 plus for last 5 months still no issues. For 2 years u need to buy 2 mi phone worth 16k, then it spending is 32k where as one Nokia 7 plus 24 k for more than years. Now tell me which… Read more »


But I think chinese walon ko PREMIUM Cheez se koi lena dena nahi hai unhe to Copy paste he chahiye ...

rudrasaiva 1234

Bro your review is awesome i will go for 7+