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arnold villanueva

Sexy phone! 😘😍😘😍😍😘😘

Ax El

Watching on my S10+, it's a fantastic buy uograding from a OP6T 👌🤗

Forbes Tech Reviews

You may want to check the spelling of review on thumbnail.

Tech Thusiast

Waiting for my one to be delivered 😁

Idris Hussain

But still, the fingerprint sensor is more accessible for people using it with their right hand.

Glyn Otto

Great review. I love the S10e but have to emphasise your point about the battery. It drains so so fast, and I am considering selling the phone. Will however wait until first OS update to see if it improves.


2:38 — "the galaxy s10e is safer than the bloody queen"
10/10 review

Daniel TTY

The frame looks cheap, like stainless steel.

ali hussain

On the bixby routines can you say for example connect to home WiFi and keep phone unlocked ?

VB Nopha Azyu

This phone is so beautiful... nice review 👍👍


Debating on if the ceramic s10 plus is worth it or just the regular s10 plus

eric jones

There are other companies brands that offer so much more compare Samsung for the same price, It's getting expensive around here and I got a cut back somewhere.

Sebastian Swirski

The only Glaxy Reviw you need! 😀

Teshigi Smith

There's no way to mask the punch hole? What did you mean by that? When you were watching Netflix you masked it and when you go to the display settings you can choose to hide it.

Steve Worman

I had come to similar conclusions myself on this device after watching many videos on the S10e. It's a shame but the three negatives you mention would put me off buying this. The battery life on my S9 is bad enough.

xd tuli32

(Read the first two words)

(Just incase you didn't smile today)

Just happened to walk by

OK, nice. After six months, i'll start look around Sham Shui Po second hand night market.

Samir Saeedi

You need to show us camera samples instead of pointing us to another video.

D- Sean

The s10e has...
• 4k 60fps front facing camera recording (1st on a phone)
• Super steady video recording
• HDR10+ recording
• 128gb internal base storage
• Fast wireless charging
• 7nm chip
▪ 123 degree Wide angle camera
• Ultra panorama mode
• Adobe premiere rush built in
• Instagram camera mode built in
• Up to 550$ discount for trade in
• 1st phone with Wifi 6
• Dynamic Tone mapping
Heres the Samsung 8nm chip embarrassing the Apple 7nm chip 😆😅😂🤣 "Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max — Speed Test! (WOW)" on YouTube