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musa Kasozi

Note 9 and S10e is the perfect combination for work and play

Sara Almeida

Hi! I'm new here and I'd like to know to know your opinion: I have a S9, should I buy the S10 or the S10e? Thanks 🙂


On screen fingerprint scanner is frustrating to use


I bought the Iphone XR instead of the 10e

maqsood yasin

Hi and thanks for the video. I’ve heard a lot of people on YouTube say that the battery life on the exynos version is variable compared to the snapdragon version. Which is more stable. Do you concur?

Teo Kag

Its not bad, however with the same amount of money (or cheaper) you can get a Note 9

Snaps Often

Upgraded from s8, phone is a beast, battery is as good as s8, camera is as always, above average, and side fingerprint sensor is flawless. Compact and seemingly very reliable. Of course price is Fuckin ridiculous but is what it is.

Morris Kris

Concise and straightforward. I like your review style


Nice video dude! I plan to get the S10e in October!

Tic Tech Toe

I think this phone will give one plus management sleepless nights.

Tic Tech Toe

I hope the dual SIM version works on US carriers!

Adrian Prepelita

There are a lot of people that will bay s10+ just because they always buy the top model but I think s10e it's definitely a better deal.

David Martrano

The way I see it Samsung has hit a homerun with all three. The 10e, flat display & AMOLED, the headphone jack, ip68, reverse wireless, yikes all the features you could ever want. Plus it's compact. 750.00 banana's, not bad for what's being offered!


Nice video! I think at 4:08 you still have Plastic on the bottom of the phone


A scree protector is not a reason to buy or not buy a phone. Why do you have the plastic on the sides still?