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Harvey Lee

Only me can see the flickering on XZ3? Oled is not good. I like XA2 design most, so beautiful.

Pavan Bablu

Thank you man... Please make more videos on Xperia mobiles in future...

Daniël VTL

Xperia xa2 plus? It's a different design from the Xperia XA2 with an all metal design, small bezels, and a better screen

tim Meyer

I love the older sony phones because they're smaller and I can actually use it with one hand. I hate all these big phones.

Timmy Williams

I would be all over that xz3 if it had the same body of a xa2 ultra.

Cheating Master

Sony the best phone ever I still remember my T290i Sony back then twas so unbreakable

Ardit Shehu

Xz3 for me! Fuck iphone! Best display on the market!
Too bad i cant afford it😭


Back in 2016, my father had a sony Xperia, the battery completely gave up


Still using my xz... Sony phones deserve more attention.


I switched to LG coz of Sony's shambolic software issues. Was using sony's since the Ericsson days, but their customer support was so shit that I will never buy again. Really happy with my LG v30 even after a year.

aasha satya

What is the name of the game which you played at 3:00

Ayyoob Khan

Sony not can full display phone very disappointed

Young Dedicated & Proper

I'm gonna get the Xa2 to start then buy the z3 in a few months

Enmy Myen

So, it's the 2nd time I watch it and now...... Behind An XZ3!😂

Amos Slade
Ha im just going to stick with my original XZP 16 months later and its still powering on only lost about 200 mAH off the battery its been sunk in water left in the sun dropped and thrown barley any marks 1 minor display scratch barely noticeable, doesn't glitch freeze, or slow down whilst the 64 internal memory is at 90 percent and my 64 gb card is also at 60 gb and yet no impact on performance, it doesn't get majorly hot but its sony they always get so what hot,Im just laughing at tge fact that sonus phones… Read more »

1) XZ Premium
2) Xperia S
3) Xperia X1
3) X performance
5) Z Ultra + charging case
6) Z1

Will be keeping my XZ-P for quite some time it seems, I really don't want to loose the fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone!

After some 3 years of using a Samsung S5 mini (smallest I could find back then), I find it time to replace that with something new. My main criterion is that it needs to fit in my damned hand and pocket, (~<=14cm in length ideally), which quickly brought me to the Sony Xperia (compact) series. In the price range of €200-350, is there any of these that you would recommend at this time (Feb 2019), or would it be worthwhile to wait for near-future announcements of possibly small form-factor, sharply priced Xperia successors? (I'm not really at home in the… Read more »
Asef Mahmud

Sony has class i believe. And I think they should carry on making their Classy Xperia Handsets whatsoever.
BTW Can anyone tell me the song played in the end?

Matthew Demonroe

It's an eye job for your hand balls lmaoo

fooling others fooling others

x performance battery sucks

Angel Gray

My father gave me my first Sony Ericsson over 10 years ago. Been loyal to Sony ever since 💜💜💜