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Petercokes Francis

V40 is brighter than v30 it gets bright just like lgg7 at a 1000nits

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LG has launched several updates citing camera improvements for many of the issues we found regarding the V40 ThinQ's camera. We will be including updated samples in upcoming reviews, but know that quite a few improvements have been made since we've published our review!

Adam Sharif

Has this phone got a video mode that records from front and back cameras at the same time (PIP)?

Srikanth Reddy

So the V40 ThinQ will not record the flat log files?? Still we can be able to edit the videos of V40 as that of v30 or not? as i want to grade them using external software like premiere pro.

Kevin Whiting

Camera has been updated and it's awesome... Pixels have great cameras yes but are hideous beasts... V40 IS SO MUCH MORE CLASSY SLIMMER LIGHTER... NO LAG

Petercokes Francis

Lgv40 is fsr better than the note 9

Geeks Life

Does the front facing camera do 1080 @60 fps? And does the rear do 1080 @120 fps?

Chris Gardner

Were you stomping when you were walking?

Dj Positive P

Awesome review! I was wondering if the V40 has the "match shot" mode where it uses both cameras at the same time like the V30?

ian kelly

Ok I'll ask. Would anyone here get this or the Sony Xperia xz2 premium? Mainly want one for camera. My note 8 has been a disappointing mess. I have had 2. Done with Samsung for the time being. Fuck them. Gimmicky garbage. I'm leaning xz2 premium only because of the loss of detail as this review mentioned


Hi, Mate 20 X was just released back here in Malaysia, in comparison for photo and video, between v40 and Mate 20 X, which would fare better? TYIA

Kevin Bruff

Thank you. Great narration. good explanations.

Ariel Ojeda

I like how when showing how the swipes switch front camera/rear camera you can see he is using the V30 to record that part.

TheYoutubeUser 78

I just have one question :
Note 9 auto mode vs V40thinQ manual mode ?

adrain quan

Still looks muddy as usual despite the camera upgrade galaxy s10 on the go

Bjorn Engels

I am wondering the main camera of the v40 has 4 megapixels less than the main camera of the lg g7 does that mean that the main sencor isn't as good as the one from the lg g7?


I've been looking into this phone for primary use as a vlogging camera, I notice it zooms in a bit when on wide angle and activated as recording. Do you still think this would work well for vlogging?

Lee Luna

You mention Log Video is exclusive to Cine Video. I use my V30 for the manual features and log video but can't confirm if the V40 still supports saving log video and if it's exclusive to the Cine Video do you still have all the manual features?


The V30 is just called the V30, not the V30 ThinQ (see 1:35).

Bob Coco

Heh, still waiting for it in Europe! :/ I hope they finally deliver it, & at a decent price considering the delay from its release...Then, GCAM on it & root = Dream!


Best phone I Ever had was the lg g3 . You could double tap on the camera screen to take a pic. Didn't have to tap the shutter button. Do the lg phones have that same feature?


Besides the nightshots it looks like the note 9 does a better job.

Raghuram Somanchi

What do you want to say ultimately? Are the cameras of poor quality? So, avoid to buy LG V40 thinq?

William Ash

Does the v40 record 140 decibles audio like the v30 does?

Onely one

Weird that you cant change cameras in video, even my LG G6 can do that


Well, the LG will drop their prices after 3-6 months. So, it would be a lot cheaper than the competition. I can buy the LG G7 for €400. Even the Samsung Galaxy S9 is €520 where I live. Samsung and LG used to have a similar pricing. But this year I see that Samsung drops their prices slower, and starts off with a higher price than LG.


Good video. The reviewer sounds like Jaime Rivera, though. Same intonation and bass (mostly).


I really wished that these smartphone manufacturers would try to make nightmode a little better with wider lenses.

Mike Rowe
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Bobby Medenilla

Watching with my LG k10. Hope someone give me this as a gift this christmas 😂. Hoping

John Buffington

Do you think some of these issues could be rectified with software updates?

JJKH Miami

Great Voice, dude. You are VGL 👍😋😉

テレビDo Kun

No one talks about the max duration of 4k/60fps mode ! Which should be mentionned especially for creators ~