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It does not have a front camera, the atrix does!

celisz arce

my phone is xperia active... and it is sooooo mazing, its truly waterproof guys...

Daniel Gámez

ANYONE who has this MOTOROLA Defy+ phone... I'd appreciate it if someone tell me if the screen is visible outdoors, I mean using the phone under the sun when the brightness is the maximum.


i will go buy experia active tomorrow...wish me luck...

Dr. Hulk Pixel

I have motorola defy but i don't belive about water proof...Is it truth?

Somrat Dutta

do you buy all the phones???plz reply...I m your fan...


well, these phones aren't meant to be military grade, so wtfrack do you expect?!

Loyed Santmajor

this fella works fr moto...juz barkn abt moto ...neways defy is shit cmpard t active... i got active n i

had defy + aso...but active has a positive feedbak frm ma syd

Nugraha Triputra

I prefer the Active........even a jeep cant destroy it and a hammer, screw driver, knife, cutter, and rocks cant break the screen. Well this is my opinion anyways


My defy screwed up after rubbing it with my slightly wet hand... — . —

Geraldo De Freitas Cosate Neto

I clean my Defy just like that kkk


This phone runs bad on stock android, was forced to jailbreak it and install android 4.3.1 to get it to work alright, still cant play games etc very well and some apps like snapchat crash alot.

Unboxing Deck

Who else watching in 2018 subscribe to me

Tamjid Ahmed

this is the most viewing video of yours i guess

sgr sgr

I am buying MOTO G5 Plus instead......😂😛😂😛 Cant get my hands on these devices...


funnily enough, my mum has the motorola defy and I have the xperia active, My mum (queen of looking after technology) managed to badly crack her screen and mine has barely a scratch (i have a tendency to break everything)

Euan Hayden

when the video started it was like phone porn

kameshwaran mayurapriyan

First of all Defy + doesn't have a Front cam... That is one real drawback...

Miisterious doom satanas ramirez

Kyocera toque with ballistic case ...the best

Magaly Méndez Hdez

Xperia Active, El telefono de Chuck Norris xDD