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Ji- Jams

Oneplus 7 screen is smooth but the Colors look better in p30 pro

Nick B

huawei will! destroy num.1 samsung with or without google! they are unstoppable. Trump know this and as a cowered try to stop them. It ain't so easy!

Mordi Meshita

Is only me or screen on OneOlus7 is more blurry and less sharp and the colors faded pale and more weak playing video is to dark

Shivesh Shukla

I just disliked the video because you installed the annoying tik tok

official pranav 07

Asus zenfone 6 would be the worst nightmare for Huawei p30 pro

Gaurav sharma

Both are most powerful devices, but huawei is miles ahead in technology

Captain America

Include speaker test also in speed test

Captain America

If you can beat them,ban them...
I think this is formula of f*ucking us ...they don't have Huawei honor on no1 smartphone brand position...
Why they dont ban Facebook, all world knows they leaked data...
Usa have no proof that Huawei is leaking data...
So support Huawei honor not Apple and f*ucking Usa

Nuclear Gaming

How durable is back camera covering on the p30 pro

Muni Sunshine

Both shit companies just Apple and Samsung are best...

Mark Leo Francisco

Easy win for oneplus 7 pro. Considering P30 Pro already had some updates.

Davd Koay

I pick one plus as for Huawei I don't feel secure and got Ban from Google

Typical Game Master

OnePlus 7pro is the boss of speed test

Chilly Potato

Your videos are rlly pleasurable to watch u deserve МОГЕ

Tamil love whatsapp status

The oneplus 7 prooooooo whoa!!!!!!! The huawei p30 pro....... Ehhhhh!

Akshay Kamlapurkar

P30 pro wins over 7 pro : 6gb vs 8gb ram... It clearly has an upper hand due to this reason. I think this guy was slightly biased towards 7 pro because whenever p30 pro used to win he never mentioned that p30 pro Is slightly faster or whatever. ...

tangsang limbu

I love when he says annoying tiktok app. I live for this. 😁

The Rahul Jacker

P30 pro is the king... Feeling sad for hauewei.
But still last years chipset almost equal to this year's chipset.

Dharnesh Sargunan

P30 pro display produce a much better white and black
But information about oneplus 7 pro display spec is higher


8gigas vs 6gigas not the same but the p30 is amazing, imagine that we compare the one +7 with the p30 8gigas, what would happen?


like huawei p 30 pro
bcz it has 6 gb ram
and mostly beat 1 + 7 pro which has 8 gb of ram

Ar Ahmed

Installing time is short in 7 pro, thats great but only feature of camera and resolution is not good.
Camera features of huawei nobrands can compare their features. But i'm samsung user😂😂 no one can break their company😂😂.

Naraharisetti Dilip kumar

nowadays all mobiles are copying huawei style

Hamza Rehmani

No matter what you cannot compare the flagship quality of huawei even the camera lenses are bigger than one plus's and is waterproof verified ip68 certification


As far as the pending band goes that's not going to happen there already backpedaling it's all a bluff unfortunately Huawei is just the pawn . Tsmc has already confirmed they will continue supporting Huawei don't get your hopes up just yet the king is still alive... long live the king 🍌


OnePlus might be microscopically faster but all around p30 is the superior phone camera is better battery is better screen colors are better. Faster charging But for the price OnePlus is pretty nice...

Steven Diaz

Why bother. If as of now Huawei lost all google licensing. Winner = One Plus / Oxygen OS

Mostafa Mostafa

Can you make speed test between OnePlus 7 Pro and red magic 3