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It's 643 PPI pentile AMOLED. The xz premium was 800ppi RGB stripe lcd. My old Nokia 8 is 550ppi lcd . It's not that impressive considering galaxy s9 is 570ppi

Graeme Sorrell

“Laughing Man” makes a good point about Apple Sheep buying 4K 60fps cameras only to watch on a 720P screen.

anoop a

I always find Qhd displays more crisp and beautiful than 1080p. I don't know if I have a special eyesight as other people especially the YouTubers say they can't differentiate between 1080p and Qhd. Then there are dumb isheep who say 720p is the maximum Res human eye can differentiate.

thomas marquardt

Is it just me or isn't that even a uhd phone? the shorter side is "only" 1644 which is NOT 2160! it's much closer to beeing 2k aka 1440p?! The only difference is the tallness of the display. you can easily spot that by comparing what is really visible: the pixel density
this of course doesn't mean that it's not a beautiful phone nor has it a bad display, it's just not uhd (by far)

Xperia1 the reference 4k OLED

I Only buy 4k oled in 2019.

Waris Amir Mohammad

We should always get at least what we pay for. Phones selling at budget/mid-range prices has been terrific at 'covering the bases' and more. Therefore it's only natural to expect phones selling at premium prices (like the Xperia 1) to come with top-of-the-line specs (such as a 4K panel) and cut zero corners (e.g. large enough battery to power the high end components through a day or two).

And we definitely should! OEMs already think that consumers are tolerant with purchasing expensive but compromised products, and they are capitalizing on this.


I'm my humble opinion I think that going UHD on a phone is stupid if most people can barely see the difference between FHD and QHD resolution then why go higher? Will the battery drain be worth something you won't even notice? I much rather have my battery drained on something else that I will notice like a higher frame rate or a brighter screen


Not really tho,I actually find qhd useless even

Arthur Kolodinsky

I'm fine with 1080p on a phone, but faster refresh rate would be nicer. Especially knowing that my Sony phone hardware supports 120 hz imaging, Sony just didn't care enough to do the software.

Thomas Fish

I think 1080 should be the max, but premium phoned using faster refresh.


4K seems like a good idea, but I would like to see 2K become mainstream first (again). And refresh rates should definitely be increased in flagships, starting at 90hz.
So essentially we need more OnePlus 7 Pro-type screens.

Graeme Sorrell

When reading, I can totally see the difference btw 720 and 2K.

You can’t unsee it after.

Kuroneko Gamer

This may be crazy but dual front speakers.

gonna be a bit of a devil's advocate on this but imo the screen resolution has leapt forward faster than the rest of the tech could keep up and for that reason I do still have my personal reservations on adopting 4k (either on a phone or on a PC. The TV is the only device in my household that has gone 4k)Sony's a pretty good example actually of trying to go the distance , but lacking the stamina or energy to actually run the entire distance. This is how sony tells you their mirrorless cameras can 'shoot 4k', but… Read more »
James Belkin

Jaime Rivera has always been super critical about sony phones.

Nick Motsarsky

400ppi isn't "good enough". It's rather high, since the threshold is about 300ppi. All 4K does it make it more expensive and needs more gpu and battery power to drive it. Silly on a 6-inch device. 1440p is plenty. In addition, that 21:9 screen on the Sony is a huge waste, since most content out there is in 16:9 and will appear tiny on the narrow display.

Sabir I

Also, something that can't be ignored is the diamond pentile subpixel arrangement of OLED displays that make the pixel density effectively less than it is on a specs sheet


Probably only one out there who actually believes in such matters everyone else has become a wimp or they look like getting payed by Apple or Samsung .

Muhammad Kharismawan
I've been using my XZ Premium for 1+ year now, with how I mostly consume my content, staring at the screen 10-15cm just in front of me, I feel I most benefited from this 1440 to 2160 feature on YT. Because man, I thought 1080 was good, but YT compression make them too jagged with hard lines,Toggling the 4K, or even just the 1440 smooth everything out, ie, it actually looks way way more realistic than 1080 is.Other than that, front facing speakers, wicked for movie watching, I sometimes just spend 2 whole hours on random night streaming a whole… Read more »
Jonathan Hidalgo

iPhone XR users won’t understand this video 😅


Another reason for 4K/UHD Screens is streaming or watching content on Amazon Prime/ Netflix, soon to be Disney+. They only offer FHD (1080p) or 4K (2160p), there is no 2K (1440p). So you can only watch 1080p content on your phone unless it has a 4K+ screen (in which case you can watch in 4K).

My biggest problem with your discussion videos is how one sided and condescending you are. People who disagree with you are portrayed as idiots, even if they have valid points. I don't have a problem with your argument here, you very well may be right. Personally I think that a company should focus on higher refresh rates than resolution because it has a far larger and noticeable impact on the smartphone experience. But I'm not going to act as if my point of view is the only valid one, like you do. You'll find it difficult to convince people to… Read more »
Amran Ibrahim Rashidi

Sony Xperia is really unique and that why I always loyal to this Xperia until now...

Alexei Rivera - Technoclast

VR was also a good reason for higher resolution phone displays but it never took off so back to 1080p we go.

stranger danger

I'm loving the Xperia 1. I returned my note 10+ for the Xperia 1. I didn't see the $1200 value in the phone. Way happier with the Xperia.

Richard Borrello

I mean if you’re not gonna have a headphone jack, you might as well be at least 4k

Javier Hidalgo
I don't think that trend is following yet with the general census of smartphone users. I'm not talking about the consumer like our demographic that would appreciate a panel like this on a phone. I feel like the average consumer wouldn't be drawn to it because they may not be able to tell a difference between FHD+ QHD or UHD due to the size of the panel, but on a TV can and likely will.Instead most average users are drawn to the ecosystem of a phone and how it will integrate with other products in their life, or how simplified… Read more »
Dawood Gill

Thank you very much sir for raising this issue. I am glad that at least someone is talking about this and agrees with my thoughts.

Ashley James Hutchinson

Hey, what's that pen your using?

keith Whitman

Hi Juan. I'm literally on the edge of getting the Xperia 1 or a p30 pro. I'm leaning towards the Sony so it can play back my phantom 4 pro footage in 4k. But I only trust you when it comes to phone photography. The other YouTubers tend to pigeon hole every camera but a galaxy or pixel. Is this a solid phone and shooter?

Vinh Little

I have gone to UHD for nearly 2 years, with Xperia XZ Premium

Mobile Emulators

Playing old console games from GameCube, DreamCast, PlayStation 2, PSX & Sega Saturn on the Sony Xperia 1 with 21:9 aspect ratio, 4K display & Notchless screen is excellent😎

Russeljrjs OwlyLife

I always loved Sony phones, its just that its a bit too expensive fpr my budget...


this is what marquees is talking about in his note 10+ video. for a premium price tag that phone is just offering everything thats "good enough" and nothing more (except maybe the 45w charger) Xperia 1 on the other hand gives us cinema pro and eye auto focus with its cameras for great manual mode experience... a unique 4k resolution ... a unique 21:9 aspect ratio... creator mode with its display along with everything else other flagships have. sony is doing it right imo.

Hector G.

A premium device should have no compromise what so ever. But we are to blame for getting overly excited about brands rather than actual features.

Michael Gerrard

Yes, if you pay 1000 bucks you should get a very high spec piece of kit. Sony have done a great job of making a different phone than others, I take my hat off to them. But do I need that screen res, nope. Do I want to spend so much, nope. Horses for courses.

Lionel B
I used the XZ Premium for nearly two years and good was it a wonderful experience. Some might say that you can't notice the difference but I was able to, fine details were crisper than ever. When I tested a 1080p screen after that, it was perfectly fine of course, but it was lacking in sharpness in my opinion.And as you said it perfectly, there are 2 types of high end displays, the ones with high refresh rate, and the others with high resolution. But strangely, people are more prone to hate on high resolution ones, because they say it's… Read more »

While UHD is overkill, 120Hz and above is where energy should go IMO.