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Finn Niii

0,1 mm! And oled is better than Dynamic Amoled... And the cpu's are the same! And why is "heart rate" better than face unlock?! Are u serious? wtf

Shwan Ali

Its very strange to me in this comparison. If you regarded length and width as negative point for SONY, how you count screen dimension which will be bigger of course than smaller SAMSUNG phone as positive point?
this is diversity!!!!!!!!

danish Hassan hassan

There is no match for xperia1 phone... Sony at its best... no it touches the level xtreme perfection... Unless u use it

Anthony A. Ackah

The only negative side I see in Sony's Xperia 1 is the delay in coming to market. It should be out by now cos people are hungry for it, including me. I've used both phones before and will always choose Sony even in my sleep. You cleverly failed to mention Sony's mind blowing features in this comparison just to make Samsung win, right?


X1 without any doubt — All days in a week 🙂

Sik Fung Lai

What the...can u tell me how to compare sceen type and find out which one is better,LCD, OLED,etc.They got different advantage and suitable for different people which have different demand,btw,Sony got 4k hdr record,so they should draw or sony win.There still a lot of problems........

Amir aryan

That camera comparison is stupid... sony camera far better than samsung (12mp>>>16mp)

Bud Dealcor

Hold my Nokia N series 14 years and still working💪

waverunner adventure gfx

hey sony is totaly different specification...please dont compare other phones...

Randy Rachmat syah Nasution

Galaxy VS XS mas please...

Amal Farhat

Your a lier because the price of tge s10 is 1000 dolar

Jon Manilenio

I've had 2 Xperia models now, the ZR and the XZs. While they're really well made phones, there are always compromises with Sony mobiles. I'm happy enough, but not very very happy, and that's the problem with Sony.

Sihame Faouzi

The Xperia 1 is mindblowing !!!! 😍😍😍 I just can't believe it !!! Well done, Sony !!! Sony 😍😍😍😍😍

H. T.

Das video ist schrott, so ein scheiss vergleich, das xperia 1 ist klar besser!!

rawal bankers

Sony fans like here Samsung fans dislike let's see

Wijana Jana

More comment experia
But in your hand are Samsung mobile ...


Sony that is Ferrari,Samsung only Hyindai

Subham Ghosh

Like the background music.please tell me the name of background music ❤️😥

dallas knight

the worst comparison video ever. obviously made by a samsung fanboy.