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Bayu Mukti

I can't afford an xz3 yet i want this xperia 1 🙁

Ng Carsica

I Feel Quality is Very Bad. No Sharp. Sony Quality is Death.

Ume Hyuga

I like the design. Without notch or punch hole. But the price is so expensive. 💚


was this shot using the cina alta app or whatever its called?

Isam Ali

You have to wait for An Update, because on Sony YouTube Channel you can See how good the stabilization is.


Can the camera be quick launched into cinema pro mode while the phone is locked?


Also do a 50hz light flicker test compared with the S10 plus, as these phones still dont seem to offer a 25/50fps video mode for European countries

Pan CM

Got to say the Acitve Steadyshot in 4K is one of the worst, if not the worst, stabilization on anything with a Sony badge on.

Avantt 007

you are one of those people that love it when it rains I can tell

sukhtaj singh

Got my Experia 1 today 🤗. Thank you God 🙏. Moved to Android after using iphone for 9 years.


I can't await the following features. Your selection is great.

СНС Богдан

This video is shooted with 4k digital camera, this is not phone
Sony marketing


Плохое качество... мой note 8 снимает лучше намного!! Sony Rip