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akhilesh gupta

Get it replaced
But I agree it's easier to say than reality.


Sorry, man, but if the phone doesn't work out of the box you just can't trust it. It'd be definitely a no-go for me. My advice: send it back and forget it. But, of course, it's your decision.

Hi I totally understand your feeling.I'm a kind of hardcore sony fan boy since 1990 and I never buy other brand smartphone (I know very well other products and always watching tons of reviews on Youtube)Cause I'm a Japanese and just supporting our own brand (70percent smartphone users are iphone here.)I'm using Xperia since 2009 and always having trouble about the camera,Overheating.I can imagine sony try to be looks nice or behave as tech-leading company .But "First smartphone ever can record 4K HDR blah blah"But Sony,Always I know it's half baked.Sounds like "Fastest super car in the world,(But can run… Read more »
William Pang

You shouldn't have to tweak settings for it to work normally 😣


I'd send it in for replacement- the UK version doesn't have those issues.

Tech Luv'n Momma

I so understand how you'd be frustrated with what you went thru. Hopefully no more issues and nothing but a good experience from now on. Pretty device for sure 💜

Michael Paris

First, I have enough new phones so not getting anything for sometime, but the Xperia 1 seems like a great phone, maybe it's a defective unit? Have them replace the phone, it happens with all brands.

Tyler Barron

to be honest i think your being to nice to sony lol if this was me it would already be on its way back

mark williams

My Sony xperia ultra is a good phone too but for the camera. It has 23 megapixels but still takes horrible pictures have to keep adjusting the camera settings

Dazza 2017

Fast Sdxc card will let record 4k longer.Im just saying again.


I think its kind of harsh calling the factory resets not acceptable. It should be if the factory resets did not solve the issue! But IT did so dont Worry too much and try to enjoi it. i own one for about 5 weeks and its a great upgrade from my Xperia XA ultra!


not something you should have to do right out of the box...sorry about that


i thought you said in the live stream that it doesn't shoot 4k, but I just saw the option in your menu


you should exchange it and see if the replacement is broken too

Robert Barnes

Good video. Just a question is it still worth buying note 9. Heard good things about it. Can get it for a good price.


Seems like it's not about factory resetting it's about the temperature of the room.


I haven't had any heating issues however I had the z2 in 2014 and I went to NYC and the phone was not recording long outside in day time but inside and night time it recorded for a long time.

I believe extremely hot room temperature causes the phone to shut down


In regards to brightness Sony has adaptive light mode where it allows you to see the screen clearly or it dims according to light conditions.

The phone is generally bright. All Sony's are generally not as bright as their competitors but I think is due to battery as well to give more usage