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Mooie tel. Kanshebber als vervanging van mijn iPhone 7 (al 100 jaar hetzelfde). Even wachten op de gratis koptelefoon van Sony...


Nou begin ik toch te twijfelen tussen de Galaxy S 10 of de Xperia 1

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Let's play Pai Sho
I've had bad experiences with a lot of sony phones. I've had the z2,z3,z5 and now the xz for almost 3 years. all of these phones except the z2 started overheating and lagging within 1 month. As an IT student who knows a lot about computers. I can tell that they don't design their phones good enough to deal with the heat. Also their Android skin is really bad optimized. I don't use that many apps either and always close an app when I exit it. I only use whatsapp, snapchat instagram and clash royale. What really helped me with… Read more »

Verhouding batterijomvang versus 4K schermverbruik OK?


Kijk eens op mijn kanaal en als je wilt abonneer dan