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om Prakash

Oneplus 7 pro Marvel Lou's Red edition 🥇 international giveaway Paṇṇuṅka aṇṇā

wilson ndebay

It's hard for me to pick one over the other. I love bright photos but they are not consistent. One is bright in one picture and the other is bright in the other. So far the galaxy S10s are very consistent in their camera output. I hate it when cameras do different things

Romeo Diyong

This is what i call real review I'm satisfied and i subscribe cheers

Marxy PH

Main cam is sony definitely...OP7pro is good but the brightness is just too much and looks un-natural...however on the selfie cam, it went 180...OP7pro is better...

Sha WelZ

Youtubers who test the Xperia against other smartphone know that the HDR is not activated but do not say it in order to show that the Xperia 1 is bad in the photo.


Watching on my Sony Xperia 10 Plus 👍 SONY FTW

Jerry Berglund

I actually think Sony wins, but not on everything. One PLus to take some points as well. But overall, Sony.

Manjula Chaturvedi

do with xz Premium against OnePlus 7

Random User

Do a Pixel 3 vs Op7pro (latest updated)
Pixel 3 vs Op6
Op 7 pro vs op6
Op7 pro vs S10+.
It'll be fun!


1:13 XD the HDR on the OnePlus 7 just kill the colors and ruined the natural gradation on the red things.

Om Arill

Great comparison, but I THINK the 1+ 7 do better job than X1 😁😁

Neo Davidson DN

1:58 that is my cousin's bubblewaffles rather they works here

matthew hayward
This is the second or third video you've done that I've seen. a good comparison on the two cameras.My thoughts are:X1 better colour reproductionGood in a well lit environmentNot great with high dynamic range scene'sEdge detection on portrait mode is not great Images appeared softerOnePlus 7Sharper images,Colour science not as good as the X1, colours looked off.Nicer 3 X zoomBetter edge detection on portrait mode.Much better dynamic range control.I've been wanting the X1 and Sony to pull it out the bag and force me so to speak into stumping up for the X1 over the S10pro but I don't think… Read more »
Mutasim Malik

Great comparison man, waiting eagerly for the low light comparison.

nikos sam

Xperia 1 with no HDR,right?
Try with HDR on.
I have the phone 7 days now and the result with HDR ON is extraordinary

gilad Shaked

X1 amazing picture i love sony they doing very good work , the tv too .

Steven Hartono

as always dark and blown out, typical Xperia 😎

A Coul

No need for software tweak. It would have been better consistently had you shot in manual mode on the Xperia.
There's no HDR in Auto mode on the Sony, it's Off. You need to use Manual mode for it to compete with Auto mode on other flagships like the OP7+/S10+/Huawei
Make sure the night comparison is in manual mode on the sony, keep it Auto on the OP7+ if you want.

Jazuli Ismail

Xperia 1 has true colours. One plus looks bit artificial.


Sony 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Wilson Herbito

I love sony, if you see Sony pictures movies, i love the color tone, im solid fan of Sony

Wilson Herbito

Since i was using android phone Sony in first hand and im very loved it, im trying using other brand it's good, but sony is my favourite overall.

Erik Hermsen

As always great comparison man! As a viewer you really notice the time and effort you put into each of your videos. I really like the amount of photos used in your videos and the polls. It also is well noticeable you have experience in photography — in contrast to many other videoproducers. Keep up with the great work!! 👍


Ok Sony fans...what did you think of the video? Let me know know what Xperia 1 videos you'd like to see, I'll try my best to make them for you.

Jeffin Thomas

Hi, other mobile brands HDR funtion in automode,
But xperia brands Manuel mode only HDR, please use Manuel mode
And Hdr turned on...and see the difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbzytyjfWJk


The Xperia 1 camera looks like what the OnePlus 7 pro camera did before the 9.5.7 update.


Sony lost the shootout in the first image itslef. Darker shadows and blown out highlights... not good at all.

Manfred Dreisse

No lo sé la verdad es que son mis 2 favoritos del 2019 y están muy bien ambos. Me quedo con Sony pero esta muy competitivo.

ßayar Ayad

Thanks man, a night camera would be cool, also with some hdr on samples on both

Johnny Since

This is just showing what the Xperia 1 can do WITHOUT HDR vs the OnePlus 7 Pro WITH HDR.