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I recorded a 14:28 4k HDR video with my Xperia 1, US model black... Then it started to overheat... I mean I think you should just exchange it

Michael Fregoso

my wife loves her s10 plus but personally I'll put up with a lot of camera issues for the sake of that screen on the Sony. I get mine today so we'll see how bad it is.


Dont try another Xperia 1. I am using S10 plus everything seems great on this phone. Just little bit dissapointed with the fingerprint scanner coz there is not many screen protectors out there which can work with the ultrasonic fingerprint fluently. But i think you should get the S10 5g, i think it has that potrait video feature in that as well.

Derek Drummond

S10 plus is 700 on Amazon for a couple of days

Rodolpho's Tech channel

If the Xperia 1 had the smart HDR from apple iPhone XS...and the same bokeh tech... a better screen brightnesss... and a normal 18:9 aspect ratio...that would be amazing!!!! Best phone ever.

Juad white

If you can return it and get your refund,then it will be no-brainer to get the international version of this gorgeous phone,avoid the US one entirely.

J.P. Lasalle

I understand where you are coming from. And I think moving on to another phone (brand) is a better idea, than sticking with another Xperia 1. I have similar situation with my IPhone X, too many issues and thinking of trying Samsung/ Android for the first time in the last 6 years.

Joe M

Give it another shot... You know you have to lol 😂

P Williams

You just got a bad unit, man. I have the same device with none of those issues at all. Exchange the device.

Anthony Lowry

J I’m telling ya... I have fell into the Sony trap many times. They won’t fix it ... and if they do, it will bring all sorts of other issues.
Been through, z1 compact, z2 compact and z3 compact. All were garbage... and I WANTED to like them. (Clearly from three different chances)

Having to flash an international rom out of the box tells it all

Respect J

David Johnson

It is what it is, you gave'em a shot at the title and they let you down. I have the Xperia 10 plus and yes it overheats also if you record over a certain time limit. Move on my brother I'm certainly looking for a new device, i wanted this to be the one but its not. Do you still have your Xperia 10? Has it ever overheated?


Time to move on. That's just flat out terrible 🤦🏾‍♂️. Ask ur local supermarket if u can do a video in their walk-in freezers 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Paul Phillips

I have the European version and it also overheats and shuts down when using the camera. I've never felt a phone get this hot before


Damn you were really looking forward to this Phone as well

bart h

Chill out man. Rest of the world have been using the phone from few weeks now and no issues. I bought mine more than 2weeks ago and it is flawless.
Wait for US update. Will come sooner than you think. SONY is super fast about updates.

Forever Righteous

Random question. Who's that in your display pic

Salvatore Hayes
I'd Say Give It Another Try... But I Don't Think You Should. Your Already Frustrated And It's Not Something You Want To Continue On With Your New View On Sony Xperia 1. For Your Case I Think Moving On Would Be Best For You. It Takes One Bad Experience To Ruin Something You Have Been Really Waiting For . This I Completely Understand Mines Doing Good So Far. Been Taking Gimbal Videos With It. Camera Is Meh. Video Looks Really Nice But Has An Odd Stutter Like It's Lagging. It's Not Terrible But Noticable When Compared To My Z3+ Which… Read more »
Charles Goodlow

Move on J. You need fair with phone. You not the only one with issues with that model phone.

Prime Inferno

Give it another shot...maybe just hada defective model

Darnell B

In past Xperia devices the issue seemed to always be the camera app. I downloaded a third party app, and had no issues with over heating after that.

Syed Hoque

There's nothing unique about the xperia 1 besides the aspect ratio and the useless 4k display on a smartphone display.

John Maxim
The is a well documented problem with Xperia phones. I like them, had the Z2 and z5 Premium, had no issue with the Z2 for 4 years, however, the Z5P would over heat non stop. With the camera, YouTube, etc. And a lot of complaints at the Sony Xperia support site. I believe the XZ Premium also overheats. Sony is also unresponsive about this. I know a lot of Sony fans won't agree but I'm being honest. My advice, send it back and get a replacement and if you have the same problem with the replacement, send it back for… Read more »
DatBoy Slick

The new series of Sony phones is very disappointing. I'm a diehard fan. I got the 10 plus for an appetizer til the 1 come out but the camera is worse than the old Sony phone. Camera bad too close camera the telephoto camera view is very slim. Camera quality is garbage once you get outside at 6 o'clock light. Dies fast smh. The xperia was a slight very slight upgrade. I'm very disappointed. The xperia xa2 ultra it byfar they best offering next to the xz2 plus.


You should get the Asus Zenfone 6 you won't be disappointed! A lot of tech reviewers are asleep on this phone!

delroythats Harding

I've been recording vids all week day and no overheating on my end so yeahhhhhh I have the international version

Andreescu Daniel

Man i've just recorded just to try out and i recorded 6 min in 4k and no problem at all but mine is no us version