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corey Dope

You Hated when samsung went to 18.9 ratio you was spasing out

JJTV tech e vendas

Want it so bad, even with midrange specs and Premium price... Just toooooo coool to be 2019


I seriously can't wait to get this phone, since the xperia 1 is expensive, I'll settle for the 10. And thanks to your reviews I now know the positive side and negative side of this phone. Thanks J.


Would you recommend the Xperia 10 or Pixel 3a XL?

Bad Influence86

You actually can resize the keyboard under the keyboard settings

Aaron garza

I see a slightly lag ( sometimes) on the animations when you open something or scroll up and down. Sure the new Xperia 1 will be a beast!

michael wal

I wish at least one reviewer would show what webpages look like on this phone,as in chrome

Roy sanchez

Weird as it may sound, the 630 has a stronger GPU than the 632. I have no idea why they paired the Adreno 506 GPU to the 632 and the Adreno 508 on the 630. Its really a bonehead move.

Recep Metin Erdem

Reboot with Stamina Mode?? Lol. Theres something wrong with your unit.

Michael matosz

I just don’t understand why they couldn’t just put in a 845 snapdragon chipset. XZ2 compact has that and its last years model. Sure price might go up but still. Xperia 10 plus has a 636 however that phone is just to long. There’s no middle ground. The 630 just doesn’t cut it right now in 2019. Especially if you plan to keep this phone a while.

Juan Valdez

That Xperia 1 phone is way too expensive at 1k. It's on Amazon for preorder right now. I'm disappointed but I still hope you review someday, when the price drops

Dave Lubinsky

Just bought mine (non-plus)

It had some issues with lag, stuttering, delayed responses, etc... BUT

The following set up vastly improved the performance, battery life, ram management, and overall smoothness of the device

Nova Launcher Pro
(Change animation to Ice cream Sandwich)

Developer Options
-turn off keep mobile data active while on wifi

— limit backround process to (3)

— animation scale pinned at .5

Device feels very much like a pixel 2xl right now


To be honest, Sony implement this sim-tray boot for security purpose against cellphone theft. Booting means you are back to 2 step security procedure (Pattern & Fingerprint) and if you try to reset sony phones while on 2 step verification, phone just goes on brick mode. I find it pretty magnificent rule and every company should follow this thing.


I can't find gestures, does it have?,
Also I want dark. Theme

ahmy jafri

How can I play games in fullscreen without getting black sides?

Richie Patil

I think rebooting might undervolt the SoC

Gabriel Lok

asus has done the screen shrink before this

Joejoe Binks

At first lot of people laughing at this new aspect ratio, but now seems the opposite way around


ahora que hagan una version MINI con medidas de 120x60x7mm

Harlequin Dove

I'm going to be getting this phone. but in all the reviews I've not seen any Info on the music player. no coverage. would you please review that specifically for me by chance?

Monsieur Saintvil

Phone is too narrow. Plus I would rather purchase last year's flagship phone instead.


Sony’s Xperia 1 is never gonna do well in North America if Sony just doesn’t care to sell their phones through major carriers or distributors.

phil brown

Yeah it's time for something different 16.9 would be great