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I would like to point out for anyone concerned about ram with this phone, THERE ARE 2 MODELS AVAILABLE. There is a 4GB model and a 6GB, which really helps it compete with higher end phones.


I understand a lot of games won't fill the screen and I'm fine with that I just wish they would be centered in the screen instead of off to one side but that's honestly probably a simple software fix. I know a lot of 18:9 phones center 16:9 and less ratios so no real reason this can't.


Even though most games aren't formatted yet with 21:9, the content displayed is still immersive and is measured at about 6 inches vs the full 6.5 inch screen. I've heard more and more games like Fortnite are working with Sony to be formatted with the 21:9 display.
For a midranger, the plus performs well. I'm looking forward to my Silver Sony Xperia 10 plus arriving Thursday 👍

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Is the screen at it's full Brightness,?


Gaming performance check without FPS makes no sense.