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Danny Cliff

Absolutely love this 21:9 ratio. But why Sony have you made us small handed people hate the fact you dropped a XA2 spec in the 6 inch Xperia 10 and give the 6.5 inch Plus size model (for just 50 quid more) an upgraded processor, extra RAM and a bigger screen? Obviously the profit margin sinks its teeth into the 10 model and given no compact model is coming for the Xperia 1 ask you WHYYYYYYYY!


Do u think we will see a Xperia 1 compact???


It is a reasonable price because u try to do drop test with honor and motorola

Cyberdemon Mike

Johnny Sins with more sony reviews! 😂


Great review! These are all sold out at Best Buy in store. Just ordered my Silver one and will arrive next week. Can't wait, coming from my xa2 ultra, which I will still keep for home use 👍😁

Jorge Lempka

Hello Chris, can you check if you can connect it to a TV with a USB C to HDMI cable?


Great review as usual man! That qnovo smart charge is a game changer that people who use competitors just dont understand. Overall this makes me excited for the new form factor of the xperia 1. I will be waiting for their 5g model either later this year or next year from my xz premium

Avantt 007

I know you got that Xperia 1 review coming!

Chris Cressey

holding out for the Xperia 1, as I have the XZ3 already and the ten and ten plus is actually a downgrade. Xperia 1 all the way baby! 🙂

Craig Baker

Can't decide between this or moto g7 plus 🤔


Nice review!

I'm a bit worried though about that FS being an issue when taken out of the pocket when I buy the Xperia 1. Why DID Sony separate the Power button from the FS anyway???!!

Jimmy Siwaletti

It’s indeed a nice phone and good to handle , even with no freaky vampire thumbs ! 🙂

Florin Dascalu

This is the one with crap specs and very expensive


But it's still got an outdated bezel at the top wtf!


Still SONY is wrong as Everytime with the PRICING...!

Rahul Patil

Does Sony really think people will buy this TV remote? 😂

Santhosh Thadishetty

Sony sculptured everything better, but forgot to update processor 😥

Raymond Holguin

Galaxy S9 plus Galaxy S10 plus or Xperia 10 plus.Can someone tell me which ones battery life is better and features.

So far, I love my 10 plus a lot! It's fast, smooth, glitch free, and beautiful. The processor and pixels are actually upgraded compared to my Xa2 Ultra (last year's midranger). The polycarbonate back feels great and not slippery. I did put a simple clear case on it just to be safe while still showing the beauty of my silver 10 plus. I don't wanna get it damaged for sure, but I guarantee it won't break during drops. The front glass is Gorilla Glass 5, a step up from my Ultra.I've watched 21:9 movies and it's a very immersive experience.… Read more »
Anand Kumar

#Recombu where do you get these wallpapers for your phone

ahmy jafri

Will the games fit full on 21:9? Or we will have to tolerate the blacked sides always? Or we might get any support in future?


How about the soft effect filter and the video uploading? have the fixed the issues with the phone yet?

Julio Zometa

SD 636 — No face unlock — ok camera — no nfc — plastic built...this phone shouldn't cost more than $250...

Klaus Heinz

Stup1d paid reviewer from sony. Biased review as usual. Someone tell me how to block this channel? It keeps showing in recommendation list.

Harlequin Dove

I'm going to be getting this phone. but in all the reviews I've not seen any Info on the music player. no coverage. would you please review that specifically for me by chance?

Matthew Norman

Battery life on the different Stamina modes? How far do they stretch the life per mode?


My first time being slightly disappointed with your review, not sure if your previous collaboration with Sony has much to do with that. Media consumption of 16:9 contents and game compatibility with 21:9 screens are rather obvious problems with this phone, but somehow I didn't see you mentioning it. Also the outdated S636 definitely deserves some criticism at this entry-level flagship price range.

Redd Angels

As usual you're the only one that is not bias on reviewing xperia smartphones! thumbs up 😉 amazing videos as always.

chris tragedia

Did you just rip a 400 dollar phone that most brands would sell for 1k?

Raul Mendoza

Is the X Peria 1 camera gonna be that good ?


This mobile should be priced 200$ for that processor.otherwise use 676 or 710 to worth the price


sony had the worst camera out of all the flag ships in 2018 and this is a good way to get back in the game if your listening Sony pleas only focus mainly on the camera from now on in may opinion that's the main thing to focus on right now