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Blue milk. Ive plenty!
I bought a silver one from Argos. I agree about the cropping on zoom to fill screen. Far to much is lost. I also have very significant light bleed all around the edge of my screen. Mine too stutters. The last thing I really don't like is the buttons. They are to flush and why oh why did the put the scanner in-between the vol rocket and sleep/wake. On the good side it really shines with social feeds with viewing content. And 21:9 viewing completely rocks. Video recording in 21:9 does too for that cinematic look. Really is a mixed… Read more »
Rob Gillingwater

Good assessment of the phone , thanks and you sound just like Maxi Jazz (Faithless)

Jerry Berglund

Its a phone for media consumption not games. But I like the phone when i looked at it. But the reviews are kinda positive. Not Gsmarena though. They really dumped on this phone.

george j

Looks quite an interesting phone, shame about the chipset . Probably a snapdragon 710 was a better choice vs price !

Johnson X

They nailed it and everything except in the chipset, is not a terrible thing neither bad some of reviewers tries to make it horrifying it is definitely far from Bad but not up to standards.

The Techletes

Great title 😂 and another great video. We are really eager to check out the Xperia 1!!

Christopher J

Great breakdown David, so I take it in your little camera test it is an improvement over the xa2 series, especially with the 10 plus, I hope they can implement some way for YouTube to display like it should eventually

Review The Cheapest

If we are honest, most of the content we watch on a smartphone is not a cinamatic content. In fact, watching a movie on a screen this small is extremely bad for the eyes. Most people are mainly watching YouTube videos, playing games or browsing their social media. And for all of these activities, a regular dimension screen works better. So I don't see the benefit of this new long screen that Sony is trying to implement.

Darshan Makaveli Stay Thuggish

Daimn yo the Hi-Tech feature packed remote control with display on it! Hope it comes with AAA battery support too!


Im really tired from this channel since chris is gone. In every video directmobiles ads and no real value in videos in comparison to others. sorry but thats my opinion

Rob Gillingwater

Perhaps a comparison with other mid range phone — e.g. honor, huawei. Concerned about battery size but it has its own Sony style again

Christopher Cressey

Hmm even with the black bars in 16:9 ration, all you need to do is use SPLIT SCREEN MODE nad have something else running too. NO more black bars even in 16:9 .XPERIA 1 is the way to go and will be happy to change from my xz3

Naime Shirou

Can't wait for xperia 1!!!!🤩 🤩 🤩
Great review man

Harut Hajin

I think they could make a little upper bezel with same speaker and selfie camera . I like this design , I hate other rounded same things.

Dejan Hojsak

honestly i'm just impressed with non existing chin

Dalton Williams

I'd like it on a plus / premium model with a larger screen. This one is way to narrow for my taste.

Chris Cressey

Not impressed with these, and in my view they are the worst mid-range phones that Sony has ever made (lovely screen ratio though) and I am a Sony fan. THe Xperia 1 now has even more pressure to impress me now.:)