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Padid AZG.

2 more junk phones from the bankrupt company

Tech Inspection

Xperia 10 Plus looks a little bit better 🙂

Rozi Firman

Hello, I have seen all your videos about xperia x10 and xperia 10 plus, I got confused ... choose which one ... in your opinion ... which one is good?


Have they improved the super slow mo at all over the xz3?

It would be nice if they've added a few extra seconds

Derek Zoigt

cool, found that useful — would be cool to see the cameras compared to the XA2 they replace

Rob Gillingwater

Great video as usual. It would be great if you could compare with Honor View phones

Mhir Mehta

Make it comparison in full sun ☀ light also in cloudy ☁️weather not come to conclusion which is better 10 or 10plus

Götze Manu19

I waited this video long time ago 🙂 and i hoped its a little longer,but its oke 🙂 Tnx for doing reviews on Sony's smartphones 🙂 cheers !

Mino Vulpio

Very good performance for both smartphone! Good job Sony!

Angel R.A.

10 plus is better but there are also manual settings that can balance all of your opinions for the results to be much better. You seem subjective and that is not good at all. Don't forget about the upgrades. Sony was great at every time in firmware upgrading. These devices are cheap and performance.

Luso Tecnologia

I am the only one that prefers the Xperia 10?


I was hoping to get the xperia 1 and I love it, but it's just too expensive. I never thought of spending more than $1k on just a phone, let alone a TV, so I've decided to put my focus on getting the xperia 10 plus, the next best thing! Thanks for your video. I'll get the plus!


Nice comparison! Weird that the 10 has more detail for some indoor shots vs. the 10 Plus though. But overall the 10 Plus wins out!!


Does it have a manual Shutter speed of more than 1 sec?
Also please could you give a comparison with XA2 and XPERIA 10/plus.
Currently I'm on XA1, and looking for an upgrade , please let me know.
Thank you.

Pranay Bandre

When is sony Xperia 1 video is coming, and some camera comparison of S10 plus etc

Slain Bisley

I just tested some pictures from de 10 plus vs KEYone and KEY2 an strange enough the oldest device KEYone has better puctures and lesser grain. It has only one camera chip. I just gone wait for the X1 to see what it does but Sony should made the plus more expensive with better specs. Now it's to expensive and doesn't have any benefits to equil devices. Ok screenwise.