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MonMon Fiasco

this guy look like the person in rocumbu

riez 007

Chris why arent you talking about its price points and that it comes with a mtk helio p22 chip set and a crappy outdatex gpu? And display is only 720p and ppi 295. Dont get me wrong,that helio p22 "is an ok" midrange chipset. But this phone cost around $210-220 usd. I would rather get my self a samsung galaxy m20. That has much more to offer at this same price point. I used to be a sony fan. Very dissapointed with their new models with outdated gpu and cpu 🤨🤨🤨

دانیال ساعدپناه

Sony xperia1 ??????????

Fantasy's Land

Mediatek p22. U gotta be kidding me Sony. Should put atleast p60 or p70.


"Flip around to the arse-end and the good times continue." — I'm gonna embroider than on a pillow and give it to my nan.


I will not pay more than 100 pounds for that

Mark Personson

I have the Sony L2 I love this phone but the Sony L3 look a beautiful phone I wonder how much it will be in England

Cyberdemon Mike

Johnny Sins is back with his phone reviews.

Alexander Anastasopoulos

New commercial failures from Sony that will continue to shrink the company out of business. Waaaay to few people will buy any of these phones

Sheryl Washington

The L3 looks like every other phone.


My upgrade was change from Xperia L1 to Xperia XA2

Stede Bonnet

L2 is great, better looking and wider screen is good to read and see things

Panino Manino

Are that Tomoki and Tomoko? Never seen that image!


Would not say the design has improved much its just that it is different.

Henry Didi

Really? Gorilla Glass 5 for a entry level or midrange? 😮 good Sony Mobile for improved midrange smartphone 👍

Shane Horne

I like Sony but I can get the moto a7 plus

Ники Георгиев

Test L3 with Sony xperia xa1 pls 🙂