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Daine Petrou

i love this phone its great but i have signal issues... 1 bar from unboxing 3 days ago and in your video i noticed that you had full reception...... WTH......


Nice! Thank you for that, and you did a good job Angie, you can do more reviews.

Hubert Ziółkowski

Comparing to honor play its ancient phone

Ralph Diesta

why does a dream is always a "can't afford thing?". 🙁

Rahul Monga

You are so beautiful. i could keep watching you all day

Micheal Kironde

Loose the hat. Didn't do the first seconds of the vedio good

Abhishek jha

Does the photos blur when zoomed after clicking??

The_ b1zznotch

How dont you have a finger print sensor ? Really android 7 ?

worst phone i everrrr had. charging port started to wear out on me. i replaced it and not even one year later...exact same problem...the phone lags alot and even fken restarts randomly cause system ui software crashes...i dont even snap anymore cuz by the time snapchat opens and camera loaded the moment is gone...fk man... i havent even owned this phone for 2years yet......still paying it off too...now im contemplating should i buy a new phone be in debt fpr another grand or fix the charging port gain for the 2nd time...very disappointing...sorry sony i think u lost me on… Read more »

It's because of the blur AND lack of detail from the main camera that I am returning my Sony. Whats the point of a 23MP cam that's as good as a 2mp?!

Miguel Fernando

I purchased this phone October 2017, and it just broke last April 4. I wouldn't recommend it at all. 4GB of RAM isn't enough, and so is 2700 mAh battery life. It lags a lot too. The camera is bad as well. Maybe because this is a midrange phone from a company that doesn't put much into their midrangers and only gives all the nice features to their flagship phones.

Toby Crawford

Omg, it's aluminium NOT aluminum.
There is an i 3rd letter from the last. Please pronounce it. 🙄


This is stupid... Why would you by a phone knowing the screen is large and knowing you can't use one hand to work it?  Dauuuhhhh...

Holiday Cell

Hp Q jg Sony experia XA1 ultra... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Quitting Youtube Soon

it shakes too much. don't get this phone.

Ab Muqshith

Simply over priced phone, I've been using this for past one and half years it sucks most of the times, the chip was inserted in the phone is not good at all, simple advise for u all, don't consider sony phone if u consider best value for money...

SweetPotato Shea

The disrespect of the xa1 how can u use it a coaster 😂

Pasha Boss


Susie Sam

I'm so disappointed with the camera...poor imaging

akshay chodankar

Sony Xperia service centre is really worse in South goa,. For that reason i feel like to stop ✋ buying Sony mobiles,.!