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Arthur Simon

Hey when I download the file it only plays the audio. Not sure if the problem is with my PC or the file. Anyways, good vid! Can't wait to get the Z2!

Robert Llobrera Jr.

Well at least its the best phone this 2014 that shoots 4K.


Is it better to record and upload in 1080p or does downscaled 4k look better?


Hi, which phone does have the best camera, the Z2 or the S5?


would you be doing a video for those additional camera settings for the m8 please

Salah Eddine

but really doesn't look so crisp as the 4k in GS5
the quality look very normal


IMPRESSIVE video quality. Non just details, but sharpness, contrast, stabilization, noise... Just a little slow focus. Anyway best video i have ever seen recorded on a phone.

Jason Thomas Dolan

The first woman who passes at 00:02 with the brunette hair, she is hot. Then at 1:32 the security is watching you. Great image from SONY. Only downside, you need a really moderen PC to watch 4K. My little laptop is struggling to play the downloaded file with 4GB of Ram on an Intel Centrino Dual Core 2.0 Ghz.

Daniel Carter

Great work with the content as always... only thing holding me back from getting a Z2 is i need to see how good low light photos and normal photos are first 

james cook

Which performed 4k better? The s5 or the Z2? Please tell me how you came to your conclusion. Which phone can you record longer in 4k?


Oh my... The quality of the downloaded video is just amazing. I thought my Note 3 was great, but with the Steady Shot, the Xperia Z2 definitely has the upper hand.
The bitrate is also about 7k higher to the Xperia Z2 with better sounds quality, and again the bitrate is even higher for the sound to the Xperia Z2.

Andy Smith

i love that my pc struggles to play 4k files lol

Faheem magan

This is not 4k, for everyone's information, youtube don't upload 4K, if they try, it's always compressed...even if it say's 3840 × 2160...still not 4k. 4k is simply outstanding.

Emotion In Motion

thanks for including the raw file, youtube doesn't show the true quality sadly.

Emotion In Motion

I am blown away by the dynamic range. Just put your raw file into After Effects and there's so much colour information, that you can bring up alot of the shadows and bring back the highlights. Looks too good to be in a smartphone.

Derek Poloyo

do you used microsd on your z2,,whats the best sd to used.coz my z2 is overheating   when shooting 4k

Junk Emails

Fantastic and thanks for the sample download video!


für 4k ist das aber recht schlecht! Hab jetzt die komplette Xperia Z Reihe gehabt (Z, Z1 & für 2 wochen das Z2) Ich dachte mir das die Qualität normal wäre von der Kamera (bei allen) aber ich behaupte das Sony echt schlechte Bilder & Videos macht als manche andere Smartphones! Korrigiert mich wenn ich falsch liege!