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Der Pille

playing god of war on my sony phone while taking a morning dump? I need to try that!!!

Sabian Pamungkas

My top 7 best would be:
1. Xperia 1
2. Xperia XZ3
3. Xperia XZ2 Premium
4. Xperia XZ2
5. Xperia XZ Premium
6. Xperia XZ1
7. Xperia 10 Plus


I went for the XZ1 a couple months ago. It covers all the bases and even still gets updates, at least at the time of writing this it's gotten a June 2019 security patch. For an open box, basically brand new model at $300CAD I really couldn't pass it up.

tes 123

Sony why not make a gaming smartphone like the Xperia Play successor and hey tell Sony to make the Xperia Play successor ok

Jeremiah Reno

I've had almost all of Samsungs Galaxy series, had the Sony Z1S in between, and then to XZ Premium and still use it, and still love it! I will never go back to Samsung. Sony phones are the best!


Biggup all those people that still use the xperia M4 aqua?? 😯

Alan Hayward

Still using my XZ1, no plans to upgrade. It's small, fast and has the fingerprint reader on the SIDE, where it belongs!

Matt West
I actually switched away from Sony now. I've used sony since the first Xperia Z or Pro came out.Up until 2 weeks ago i had the Xperia XZ, Good phone.However one massive peeve I have had with sonys is their lazy camera software support. It has basically been the same, unchanged camera software and features for 8 years. With minor changes here and there granted.One of the things I always wanted was a "pro" mode for video shooting at 60+ fps for example.This due to the fact I often take high speed photos (we are talking thunderstorm and flying birds,… Read more »
Bengans 2

I have hade Sony mobilephones since 1999. Then i vas swede Phone named ' Ericsson'. Then in the beginning of 2000 came Sony from Japan. 'Sony-Ericsson' called until round 2010. Now i am a Sony — fan. Thank you for good information.

Moi-kai Sumeragui

I know sony it's not the best some times, but i really like the phones, i'm still using my xperia z5 :O


I haven't found a replacement for x performance. Sony no longer distributes phones to Canada

Daniel minguez

I remember having my first sony phone... Which was a keypad phone... Even though its pad was damage cant fully use the space button... I still used it for almost 5 years... Which i can go back using to sony phones... Im a sony fan... But my dad bought me a oppo phone... I dont even like these types of phones...

Fionn the Extreme meme machine

I know this is a super stupid question but i am looking to buy a huawei y6 2019 and i am wondering will it come with a sim or do i have to buy the sim separately? If anyone can answer please do thank you!

Jason Penaloza

How did you manage to get your hands on a silver colored xperia 1?

Allan Mahendra

I'm still using my XZ Premium. It's still amazing.


Best design is the Z5/Z5 Premium, best performance is the XZ Premium. I owned the former, currently using the other.

Aapik Jensen

I'm still Using Xperia Z Ultra, and just buy new Xperia XA1 plus😅

Shan Mirza

Sony have the best phones over any! People are just on drugs!


EXTREMELY satisfied with my SONY XPERIA XZ2. This SONY brand is really worth it , whichever budget you have.No need to check for another brand from now on. I tried it and find out that WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE.

Ichi Iliev

Tech Spurt, which of the two smartphones is better (for you) Sony XZ3 or XZ2 + Premium variant?

Mark H

Why don't you ever review the Sony Xperia XA2 PLUS — its smaller than the Ultra and bigger screen size than regular XA2 with better specs-- its not openly sold in the UK but there are loads of examples on Ebay and for Sony fans cant get their head round a 21.9 display this can be the perfect phone. I love mine — even if the camera is not as good as the ZX2/ 3

Ichi Iliev

Sony XZ2 or Premium vs Sony XZ3 (best flagman — premium 2018)? Please help me

Sir Gildo

I just want an Xperia phone without compromise. The Xperia 1 is really tempting but I'm really not feeling the lack of wireless charging and even face unlock. I hope their next checks all the flagship things first.

Shantanu Datta

Sony W150i the most disgusting phone I ever seen.horrible experience

Transilvania Trap Squad

What about the Xperia XZ1 Compact? It still holds up to the current generation and it's an awesome device with great features


I was using the Xperia Z2 but it's not great

koushik _

No matter how much my Xperia troubles me ,I still love it 💙💙


Not having a headphone jack is a real bummer for me. Sony are still behind in the smartphone business.


I'm glad my Sony Xperia 10 Plus made your list 👍😁

Teshigi Smith

XZ2 footage was not right lol different phone.

Mous Aab

I don't understand why Sony didn't implemented gestures on the xperia xz3!


Most of the XZ2 Compact footage you were showing there was of the XA2 🙃

shermon harmse

Also took a break from Sony for just a tadd and grabbed me the LG G7 ThinQ. I used an LG G3 back in the day, bought the phone because i waited for my upgrade and my Xperia Z1 got lost, and i was impressed. So i decided to give LG another try, and its great. I love Sony, but LG is also not getting the recognition it deserves

shermon harmse

Still using my XZ1. Far better than the L3. Pie update allows for slow mo of 720p @960fps to be boosted to 1080p @ 960fps. Rocks SD835 chip and graphics is better also than L3. Play any game on the XZ1 with no issue. Got the XZ1 brand new for about 300 pounds 6000 Zar. So i would add the XZ1 to the list rather than the L3


The question is the xz3 to 700 dollars? Or the xz2 to 400 dollars