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Just got my Silver Sony Xperia 10 PLUS today!! I love it so far 😁

Excited to get one of these! Coming off an Xperia X that's getting long in the tooth. None of the "compromises" present are a deal breaker for me. Don't need wireless charging, it's past the novelty point and it's slow and can't be used while I'm using the phone so don't care. The SD630 is still pretty snappy from what I've heard, I would be concerned with the battery size if it was anyone other than Sony, they seem to work optimization magic on battery life. It may have something to do with a battery that was any larger might… Read more »

you sure bitch alot — keep in mind that this is not a top premium phone. what they fuck do you expect?

Jerry Berglund

I aint sure, but I think I heard it to be polycarbon mixed with some sort of metall. I dont know if they dipped it into some sort of melted metall. As long as the charging wireless is so slow, its not that important at all. And you can asign a button that works as the camerabutton. But if I dont remember it wrong. The XA-series never had camerabutton, and this Xperia 10 is its heir and therefor it also dont have one. Wich is a pity.

Sypno Tech

QOTD: Do you think a 21:9 aspect ratio smartphone is useful for your daily use?