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I liked this video so much I clicked the tumbs up TWICE ... and then a THIRD time to be sure!


Wonderful pics. I played the game tough, and I got 16. But I nailed all the Fuji portraits

Arun Sharma

At 3:28 i was like " Beautiful fuji colors" and then... 😲

João Cardoso

The pixel is impressive. I did miss quite a few pixel shots. Between Sony and Fuji I got some of the Fuji ones with people in it because of the great skin tones. I missed most of everything else 🙂 so yeah point taken 🙂

Kevin Davis

Beautiful photos, outstanding video, excellent closing message, thank you.

I hope you and your family had a great trip.

Connor Wade

There were several images that I was crossing my fingers for the Pixel on. Cool to see a phone keep up with the “big boys”


I enjoyed this video very much, thank you for this one and all your content. As a fellow New Yorker, NY is very hot and humid now.

Janet Robinson

Fun! I love the guessing game but all of them took great photos. Great video and a great way to get your point across.

Sven Onnerstad

Great video! KISS. Simple and elegant.

Nigel Kenny

Thank you Omar — you are SO right. It doesn't matter what you use but the fact that you are using it! Did Cartier-Bresson or Fox-Talbot or Brassi worry about what camera they used? NO — it was all about the image!!

Edwin Rosario

Wow. The majority of my favorites were shot with the Pixel.

Steve Bird
Hi Omar. Great video and some good photos. What Camera? What Camera? Indeed. It goes to show sometimes it may be hard to tell which camera took the photo. It does not really matter what camera you have. DSLR Phone or mirrorless. They are simply a tool to use. The most important thing is that what ever you use to get your images, they are your own interpretation of a subject and you have fun in creating excuse me quoting one of the great masters of photography Cartier Bresson. Your own decisive moment. When all the elements in a photo… Read more »

The pictures are great, but the message is even better.


Dang, why did I even get a camera (I mean two) ?! I should've got a Google Pixel.

I got almost none of the pictures right. But I have to ask: those Pixel photos have pretty hard software processing in there, right? I mean, the apparent DR and vibrance made me think it was the Sony. That must have been some HDR or Google software processing behind the scenes, right? Or is it that I'm used to crappy out-of-phone JPEGs from my 5-year-old Nexus 5?

Scott Smith

Awesome photos Omar, and great message! The camera doesn't matter as much as who's behind it. Cheers from Canada by the way. I agree, our country is really beautiful. 🙂

Piotr Stępień

Well, noticed differences from Pixel. But Sony and Fuji give same results.

Elias Dzansi

What lenses do you use...? I was able to easily tell a couple but on other occasions I totally went like 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

john obrien

Brilliant words and advise... Soon on holday... But while ime waiting my little compact is getting a workout b4 we go... Hope the family had a goodn... Keep well

Hi Omar 🙂 After one year of planning to buy my first real camera, the X T20, the X T3 landed. Do you think it's too much for a beginner? I can afford it at the moment buuut since I'm a student, that money difference could get me a trip to Thailand haha. I've seen and read countless reviews and my main concern is if I master the X T20 over a year period, will I regret not buying the X T3 with more possibilities? Like I said, it will be my first camera so I don't even know if,… Read more »
Che Campbell

Next time mate, just take the pixel. This proves it's pretty much over for SLR's etc a!d their crazy settings 👍🏻

Ryan Bielemeier
As a dad, the pic at 1:43 is the one I like most. I also really like the black and white one of rain on the mountains! Wow! Of all the photos taken, the ones of family will be the ones cared about most down the road. They bring back the memories most. I am finding that photos of landscapes, buildings, flowers, waterfalls, abstracts etc. can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but am gravitating more and more towards the ones that include family and friends as an element. ( at least when I go back thru months and months… Read more »
Try M

Phones nowadays are good enough for average joe landscape photo. Potrait on the other hand still needs big sensor for that glorious blurry background


Love this video and Banff. You have a beautiful family. By the way, the heat wave was in Canada too. Toronto was scorching that week.

mem emmo

Huawei p30 pro is the best , very nice photos , crazy phone

Omar Gonzalez Photography

Makes camera doesn't matter video. Sony releases new camera. Checks specs.

Chris Hewson

Superb pictures, what's the largest size print you can go with the pixel?

M Morales

The Pixel is an excellent pocket camera small and convenient that it happens to be a phone also but... It doesn't stand a chance against a true dedicated big camera sensor. Even with these YouTube compressed images I can tell there's a huge difference in detail and the overall look of the picture. Software still can't beat big good hardware 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Bart Studio

The pic at 1:46 is AMAZING!
I love it so much and already took a screenshot for my wallpaper of laptop. XD

Mykro Macro

Tks Omar. That was fun — needs to be regularly updated with the latest gear to help us in the never ending fight against the forces of G.A.S. 'Live long & prosper (inside)'.

Zed Pro Media

One of the most beautiful places in Canada 😍

Coruscating Light

Camera quality matters more than the brand. And Pixel takes bad photos, it still has ways to go. I'm not Sony and Fujifilm are better.


I got a LOT right actually. I own a canon m50 and watch waay too much camera videos so I know the Fuji colors and a smartphone shot can be identified if you know what to look for. Still most people don't.