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Angel Fer Tenshii Lopez

Lo quiero en México que procede

Angel Fer Tenshii Lopez


Howard Daley

I can't believe we're not getting the X1, hope we get the X 10 at least, Sony does it again, always pushing the envelope, this why thier the experts in image processing.

Malcolm Vladisclav

When will it beat samsung's display?

The AllRounder Guy

Z5 premuim-4k HDR lcd
Xz premium and xz2 premuim-4k hdr lcd
1-4k HDR oled
Future-4k hdr super amoled

aditya vinayak

I don't think any other smartphone as advance as this. Display and camera are awesome. Now notch and bezel less are not considered great technology. that is also something which any brand can do. It is rather follow other design since apple brought full screen display first. I'm not saying it is bad or good. Both Sony and apple has their own awesome design concept. But I prefer Sony design. And technology wise obviously Sony is best.


Wow what an incredible display sony...but wait...I m watching this on my 90$ huawei...niiiceee I have good display too!!!

Sher Shah Rahim

Huawei is 18 months ahead in 5G and Sony is 22 months behind in smartphones.

sizzuan anna

Sony dan jepang sekarang ampas kalah dari korea dan di bantai sama china.
Produknya cuma di manfaatin doang

Mr. Mylo

Can you make the top bezel smaller, it's ugly so much.

Xperia 1 would be much more beautiful if all sides are small like the bottom bezel.

Σάββα GT-R

Somehow I am getting a Final Fantasy feeling while watching this...

SONY you're the best

Dali Garwinder Lama

Comparing it to the $40,000 Master monitor is ridiculous unless the damn thing has a HDMI mini input I repeat input so that you can use it as a display! Why not Sony?

Prabha Karan

Now a days Sony are worst bcoz making in China

K.C.Aswin Krishnan

When will it be available in India? Or has Sony stopped their mobile sales in India?

GB Prakash

SONY needs to concentrate on Advertisements unless they lose their market...
You are doing innovation in mobile technology but less advertisement and promotion does not takes you to the customer. Now ICC 2019 worldcup is going on... Why you people not giving any ads ...


Any one knows what color space is "Creator mode" actually using? I want to know what is happening behind this "mode" .


These filters look nice. I hope the 3rd party camera apps introduce it soon